University College Vision Statement and Mission


The University College is committed to inclusive student success, engagement, and achievement, agency in student learning, and ongoing professional and personal development for sustained academic excellence.


University College embraces MU’s EPPIIC values in support of student academic, personal, and professional journeys to program completion and graduation by:   

  1. Advocating and supporting holistic needs to foster a sense of belonging, connectedness, awareness of opportunity, and equity in opportunity within the college and beyond. [COMPASSION]*  
  2. Empowering self-efficacy and agency to advance student outcomes. [INTEGRITY]   
  3. Offering high impact experiences and access to high quality resources to facilitate critical thinking and the discovery of knowledge. [EXPLORATION]   
  4. Providing individualized academic planning. [PROFESSIONALISM]   
  5. Delivering best practice guidance in career advising, career planning, and career-building experiences. [PROFESSIONALISM]   
  6. Fostering a safe, inclusive, and culturally responsive environment where all individual views, backgrounds, abilities, and identities are respected and valued. [INCLUSION]   
  7. Promoting participatory citizenship, leadership, mentorship, community-engaged scholarship, and service. [PUBLIC MISSION]  
 *Mapping to EPPIIC values