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Civic engagement involves efforts to increase understanding, interest, and participation in social, civic, and polititcal institutions among students, faculty, and staff. Community engagement facilitates student development and learning by enabling students to see the impact of community problems and contribute to the resolution of those problems.

Our two College Centers are the Center for Civic Responsibility & Leadership (CCRL) and the Center for Public Scholarship and Social Change (CPSSC).

Millersville University has been making an important contribution to the region since 1855. Each year, the university makes expenditures of approximately $250 million in the local economy affecting the volume of business in and around Lancaster County. It is important to have a strong public university in our region.

Internships & Co-ops

Internships and Coops

Cooperative Education and Internships are a "win - win" for all concerned. Employers get a highly motivated employee for a specific amount of time; students gain professional proficiency, self-confidence and a chance to "test drive" their career choice; the University gains important feedback regarding its instruction, curriculum and programs.

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