Department of Government, Policy, and Law

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A Bachelors of Art (B.A.) degree in Government, Policy, and Law promotes a broader understanding of the world we live in and how government and the political processes shape the lives of its citizens in an ever-changing world. 

The Department of Government, Policy, and Law offers courses in three different areas of politics:

  • American Government and Politics. This area will focus on the American political system which includes its governing institutions and system of checks and balances (Legislative, Executive, and Judicial branches), state and local government (public policy-making, public services), and present political behavior.

  • International/Comparative Politics.  This area analyzes foreign political systems and explores the similarities and differences between political structures and that of the United States. Focusing on how international politics operate between governments in the international arena.  Topics include political development, foreign policy, human rights, and international law. 

  • Political Theory and Research Methods. This area will evaluate how individuals behave in society.  Key political concepts will be explored such as freedom vs. security, equality, democracy, and justice.