International Student Tuition and Fees

Tuition and fees are subject to change. Please visit the Office of Student Accounts for official cost of attendance. See the table below for the estimated annual tuition and fees.

Estimated 2022-2023 Annual Tuition and Fees.
  Undergraduate Graduate English Language Institute
Tuition and Fees $22,232 $15,363 $11,125***
Living Expenses* $9,988 $9,988 $9,988
Health Insurance $750 $750 $750
Books and Miscellaneous Expenses $1,400 $1,400 $1,400
Total Expenses $23,370- $34,370** $27,501 $22,563

"Total Expenses" is the amount that will be required of admitted students in order to obtain their immigration form I-20 or DS-2019. Please follow this link to learn more about our scholarships and awards that could potentially lower this amount for you. 

Estimated 2022-2023 Dependent Expenses
Spouse $6,000
Each Child $4,000

Please note that tuition includes some mandatory student fees. Tuition and fees are based on 12 to 18 credits per semester for undergraduate students, 9 credits for graduate students, and 20 contact hours for the English Language Institute.

*Living Expenses include a shared room and a $2,100 Declining Balance meal plan. Transfer and graduate students may choose other room and meal plan options.

**Lower tuition range reflects tuition reduction by $6,000 per year for admitted freshmen’s out-of-state tuition rate for a full-time course load. Admitted transfer students’ out-of-state tuition rate is reduced by $4,000 per year for a full-time course load.

***The English Language Institute does not charge tuition, instead, there is a Program Charge. 

Estimated 2022-2023 Breakdown of Fees Per semester
  Undergraduate Graduate (Standard) English Language Institute
Tuition $9,645 $6,966 $4,091.46***
General Fee $1,107 $1,095 $1,107
Tuition Technology Fee $364 $336 $364
International Student Fee $100 $100 $100

Note: View the cost breakdowns by the Office of Student Accounts for undergraduate students and graduate students