Transcript Requirements

Please refer to the + widgets below to explore documentation requirements.

Admission decisions can be made using copies of official transcripts provided to Millersville University by students directly, but these will be considered “unofficial.”
No loose paper or digital transcripts provided directly to Millersville University by a student can be considered 'official.' 

If admitted to Millersville University, official transcripts will be required prior to enrollment. Official transcripts can be received by the International Programs and Serivces office in one of the following ways:

  1. Emailed to by faculty/staff at your high school or institution, or a recognized attesting organization such as EducationUSA, a NACES evaluation company, or AICE evaluation company. Notorization by a non-academic entity is not adequate. 
  2. Posted by mail to ATTN: International Admissions, Lyle Hall 1st Floor P.O. Box 1002, Millersville, PA 17551-0302 USA
  3. Be brought physically to campus at the start of your first term in an envelope sealed by your institution. The original seal cannot be broken on the envelope holding official materials provided.

Please note that all the credentials below must come with your final school transcripts and/or leaving exam scores (if applicable). 

Holds reguarding active immigration status and official documentation are placed on the records of all newly admitted students that prevent registration for newly admitted students until required documentation is received.