Basic Skills Assessment Tool (BST)

All students (including transfers) wishing to enroll in MATH 104 for the upcoming semester will need to take and pass the BST prior to registration (with a minimum score of 80%). Students transferring 104 credit and wishing to enroll in MATH 105 for the upcoming semester will also need to take and pass the BST prior to registration (with a minimum score of 80%).

If you do not pass the BST with a minimum score of 80%, you may repeat the assessment in person in the math office or you may request to enroll in a 2-credit support seminar (MATH 094) concurrently with MATH 104 in the fall or spring semester. To do this follow the directions after you take the exam. Note - MATH 094 is only offered in the fall and spring semesters - this is not an option for the summer. 

The exam consists of 25 questions that test knowledge in specific content domains. Students have 50 minutes to complete the exam. No calculators or electronic devices may be used. Students will need to present a photo ID (preferably their student ID) and their M number at the testing site. Please be sure you understand how to do the problems in each section of the practice exercises in the Review Materials section below as each problem on the BST is similar to the numbered section in the practice exercises. The Khan Acaedemy videos below are free and can help explain content if you need review. If you are able to do these practice problems correctly, you have a greater chance of passing the test. If you do not earn an 80%, you may retest with a different version of the assessment. 


BST Review Materials

 (Note: These materials are for the Basic Skills Assessment Tool only.)

 Hard copies of these review materials are available in the Math Department Office (Wickersham 208).


Testing and Review Dates

Note: the Basic Skills Assessment Tool (BST) is for ONLY for Early Childhood, Special Education or Middle-Level Education majors  - all other students should take the Math Placement Assessment (MPT).

The Basic Skills Assessment is being offered during the SummerCues on July 18 and 19. Testing will be in Wickersham Hall if the weather is good and if the weather is bad, the testing will be moved to the Galley in the Student Memorial Center.

If incoming students have not completed the Math Placement Test (either on ALEKS or in-person during SummerCues) by July 26th, they will be removed from the placeholder math course on their schedule.

Testing will also be available on August 22nd  - time and location TBD. Tests will also be scheduled during the fall and spring semesters. If you need aditional test dates, you may contact the Department of Mathematics Office at .

Please contact Dr. Tyrone Washington ( with any questions.

Obtaining your BST Score

  • Go to the Millersville University Logins page (
  • Select “MAX”
  • Log in to your account
  • Select “Student Services”
  • Select “Registration”
  • Select “Placement Exam Scores”

If you passed the BST you will see: Placement results – Math Course 104 Please print this sheet for your records and/or submission to the ELED Department.
If you did not pass the BST you will see: Did not pass Math BST: Score = XX (where XX is the score of your test)