Getting Into Closed Sections of Math Courses

The Mathematics Department Drop-Add Table

Overrides for closed sections of many MATH courses are handled by the Math Department rather than individual instructors. (This is different from what other departments do!) Students may be given overrides based on need, while considering the needs of other students who want to get into the section. (In particular, it is not based on who asks first or on how many chairs there are in the classroom.) We do this to keep section enrollments balanced and ensure fairness in granting overrides.

Here is what to do if you're trying to get into a (closed) section of the following courses:

  • Math 090
  • Math 100
  • Math 101
  • Math 104
  • Math 105
  • Math 110
  • Math 130
  • Math 151
  • Math 160
  • Math 161
  • Math 211
  • Math 235
  • Math 310
  • Math 311
  • Math 322
  • Math 333

Please do not ask the instructor to sign an override card. It is department policy that instructors do not sign overrides. Prior to the start of the term, only the department chair can sign an override.

If you're trying to get into a closed section prior to the start of the term (e.g. during summer or winter break), get on the Registrar's Waiting List for the section. Check online registration every now and then to see if spots open up.

If you still haven't gotten in by the start of the term, go to the Math Department Office (Wickersham 208) and fill out a Waiting List form. You should fill out our Waiting List form even if you got on the Registrar's Waiting List earlier.

To make filling out the form quicker, it helps if you know what sections you want. Be sure you have the proper prerequisites for the course (grades, Math Placement, and so on). If you aren't sure what course you should be taking, you should talk to someone in the Math Department.

At the end of each day, the chair and assistant chair will review the waiting list forms and the section enrollments and decide who (if anyone) can be added to a section. (Again, decisions are made based on who has the best reason for adding a section --- it is not "first come, first served".)

After the second class meeting, instructors turn in the names of students who have not attended the class. These students are removed from the sections. At this time, a few spots may open up.

It is a good idea to attend some section of the course you want to take, even if you're not officially registered. That way, you won't miss any material. You should also think about what you'll do if you can't get into the section you want.

If you're trying to get into a course other than those above, you should see the instructor.

We understand how badly people want to get into certain sections, and we regret when we can't accommodate them. We try to keep class sizes reasonable so that students can receive the high-quality instruction that they expected when they came to Millersville.