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Audition Info

Auditions are generally in the first week of classes, but some ensembles are open with no audition required. Please see the individual areas for more detailed information, and please don't hesitate to contact the director for more information or if you might have missed the audition dates. Each ensemble has different information about what to play, where to audition, and other information.


Choral Ensembles

Commercial Music Ensembles

Instrumental Chamber Ensembles

Jazz Ensembles


Wind Bands


Frequently Asked Questions

  • I'm not a music major, can I still audition?
    Students of all majors are welcome to audition for all ensembles. Woodwind, Brass, and Percussion students auditioning will be considered for all large concert ensembles: Wind Ensemble, Symphony Band, and Symphony Orchestra. String players will be considered for the Symphony Orchestra. Students participating in auditions are required to prepare all materials for their instrument or voice. Music majors are required to participate in the Auditions. Non-music majors are welcome in ensembles and must audition for placement.
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  • What if I don't have an instrument?

    Please contact our music office (contact info below) to arrange for an instrument to use. Instrument loans require students to be current and enrolled Millersville students, and require student ID when renting. Students are responsible for the care and return of the instrument. More information will be provided upon check out.

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  • Do I need my own mouthpiece?

    It depends, for brass and woodwind instruments, many times mouthpieces come with the instrument. Students are responsible for purchasing their own reeds. Sometimes students have preferences on mouthpiece size and we may or may not be able to accommodate the change. If you have a favorite mouthpiece (particularly brass players) you are encouraged to purchase your own desired mouthpiece.

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  • More questions?

    If you have any specific questions, please contact the following ensemble directors or see the specific group audition page.

    Choral Ensembles: Dr. Jeffrey Gemmell,

    Commercial Music Ensembles: Dr. Jennifer Jester, 

    Instrumental Chamber Ensembles: See individual instructor info

    Jazz Ensembles: Professor Ryan Kauffman,

    Orchestras: Dr. Vera Volchansky,

    Wind Bands and Marauder Marching Band: Dr. Joseph Cernuto,

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