Degree Programs Overview

Tell School of Music Degree Programs



Music Education

Music Industry - Music Production, Music Management, or Live Audio Engineering Tracks

Bachelor of Arts in Music (Choose either General or Performance Concentration



Kodaly Certification

Certificate in Music Technology for Music Educators and Performance Majors

Modern Band Certificate


Dual Degree Options - These degrees can be combined for a dual degree

Dual Degree - Music Education / Bachelor of Arts with a Concentration in Performance

Dual Degree - Music Industry

 / Bachelor of Arts with a Concentration in Performance

How To Apply

Students must apply to BOTH the University and the Music School. These two applications can be completed simultaneously.  

If assistance is needed, please contact Admissions for the MU Application ( OR 717-871-4625) and the Music School for the School Application ( OR 717-871-4701)

MU Application

Music School Application