The student ensembles program at the Tell School of Music has a long history of excellence. Bands, Choirs, Jazz Ensembles, Orchestras, and Commercial Ensembles perform each semester and provide students with a fun and exciting music-making experience during their college career. We welcome both music majors and nonmajors in our program. We offer a wide array of performance experiences for any Millersville University student.

Below is a comprehesive list of the available ensembles at the Tell School of Music. Click each link to learn more about each specific ensemble group.

Choral Ensembles

Contact: Dr. Jeffrey Gemmell - Jeffrey.Gemmell@millersville.edu

University Choir - The largest ensemble at Millersville and is open to all students by placement audition. This choir performs varied masterworks from all periods of music history

Cantilena Womens Choir - The upper voices choir at Millersville. Open to all majors, no audition required.

Chorale - The vocal chamber ensemble of Millersville. The most select and demanding choir in terms of time and repertoire. Performs on and off campus, touring across the state and beyond. Audition required.

Instrumental Ensembles

Concert Band - All interested woodwind, brass, and percussion players are welcome to join this ensemble. Comprised of approximately 70 musicians, the Concert Band is dedicated to the finest repertoire and often features nationally recognized guest performers and conductors.

Contact: Dr. Joseph Cernuto - Joseph.Cernuto@millersville.edu

Wind Ensemble - An auditioned ensemble made up of approximately 45 of the university's finest brass, woodwind, and percussion players. Wind Ensemble performs advanced contemporary and traditional music, often featuring nationally recognized guest performers and conductors.

Contact: Dr. Joseph Cernuto - Joseph.Cernuto@millersville.edu

Marching Band - MUMMB offers all interested students the excitement of a corps-style marching band and performs at home football games, collegiate and high-school exhibitions, and many local and regional parades and festivals.

Contact: Dr. Joseph Cernuto - Joseph.Cernuto@millersville.edu

Jazz Lab Band - A 'big band' experience open to all who are interested. It provides a means for students to develop jazz interpretation/reading skills and become acquainted with basic improvisational practices.

Contact: Dr. Joseph Cernuto - Joseph.Cernuto@millersville.edu

Jazz Ensemble - A select, auditioned group that performs a variety of musical styles from jazz and commercial idioms in the big band and combo formats. Guest artists who appear regularly with the band include Ernie Watts, John Fedhock, and Tom Irvin.

Contact: Prof. Ryan Kauffman - Ryan.Kauffman@millersville.edu 

Orchestra - An ensemble dedicated to advancing the performance of its members through established repertoire and contemporary music, and performs at least twice a semester.

Contact: Dr. Vera Volchansky - Vera.Volchansky@millersville.edu

Commercial Lab Band and Ensembles - Utilizes the typical rock band setting to allow students to perform various styles of commercial music. They often perform across the campus and beyond and have featured internationally recognized rock icons such as Jefferson Starship and Joan Jett.

Contact: Dr. Jennifer Jester - Jennifer.Jester@millersville.edu

Chamber Ensembles

Instrumental Chamber Ensembles - The Instrumental Chamber Ensembles are made up of music majors, minors, and instrumentalists from across campus. These groups regularly perform at various events and concerts throughout the year and meet weekly for masterclasses.  

Contact: See individual instructor info

Ensemble Audition Information:

Auditions are generally in the first week of classes, but some ensembles are open with no audition required. Please see the individual areas above for more detailed information, and please don't hesitate to contact the director for more information or if you might have missed the audition dates. Each ensemble has different audition information about what to play and where to audition, as well as information specific to the ensemble.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I'm not a music major, can I still audition?
    Students of all majors are welcome to audition for all ensembles. Woodwind, Brass, and Percussion students auditioning will be considered for all large concert ensembles: Wind Ensemble, Concert Band, and Symphony Orchestra. String players will be considered for the Symphony Orchestra. Students participating in auditions are required to prepare all materials for their instrument or voice. Music majors are required to participate in the Auditions. Non-music majors are welcome in ensembles and must audition for placement.
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  • What if I don't have an instrument?

    Please contact our music office (contact info below) to arrange for an instrument to use. Instrument loans require students to be current and enrolled Millersville students, and require student ID when renting. Students are responsible for the care and return of the instrument. More information will be provided upon check out.

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  • Do I need my own mouthpiece?

    It depends. For brass and woodwind instruments, many times mouthpieces come with the instrument. Students are responsible for purchasing their reeds. Sometimes, students have preferences on mouthpiece size and we may or may not be able to accommodate the change. If you have a favorite mouthpiece (particularly brass players) you are encouraged to purchase your own desired mouthpiece.

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  • More questions?

    If you have any specific questions, please contact the following ensemble directors or see the specific group audition page.

    Choral Ensembles: Dr. Jeffrey Gemmell, jeffery.gemmel@millersville.edu

    Commercial Music Ensembles: Dr. Jennifer Jester, jennifer.jester@millersville.edu 

    Instrumental Chamber Ensembles: See individual instructor info

    Jazz Ensembles: Professor Ryan Kauffman, ryan.kauffman@millersville.edu

    Orchestras: Dr. Vera Volchansky, vera.volchanksy@millersville.edu

    Wind Bands and Marauder Marching Band: Dr. Joseph Cernuto, joseph.cernuto@millersville.edu

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