Dr. Joseph Cernuto, Director Dr. Christy Banks, Director


The Wind Ensemble is the premier concert ensemble of the MU band program. Conducted by Dr. Joe Cernuto, the band is comprised of the most accomplished woodwind, brass, and percussion players at Millersville University. The 50 members of the Wind Ensemble perform the finest existing and emerging wind band literature. The Wind Ensemble is dedicated to the furtherance of wind band music as one of America's leading art forms. Members are selected by audition at the beginning of the Fall semester. The Wind Ensemble presents two on-campus concerts each semester as well as clinics and performances off-campus at schools and community events in the region.  Performances regularly feature nationally recognized guest artists.

Rehearsals: Tuesday & Thursday, 2:30-4:00 pm; WVPAC 100. 

The Concert Band (Dr. Christy Banks, conductor) seeks to broaden the musical horizons of its members and audiences by performing a variety of quality literature including original wind band classics, transcriptions, and music from the jazz and popular genres. The Concert Band is comprised of approximately 70 wind and percussion players and is open to all students with previous band experience. Placement auditions are held at the beginning of each semester to determine part assignments. The Concert Band presents two concerts on campus each semester and also performs as part of the Glorious Sounds of the Season concerts each December. 

Rehearsals: Fall Semester: Monday & Wednesday, 4:15-5:45 pm; WVPAC 100. Spring Semester, Tuesdays & Thursdays, 4:15-5:45 pm; WVPAC 100.

Audition Dates:

Auditions typically take place during the first week of classes each semester. More information regarding the Wind Band audition dates will be released when available. 

Audition Materials

  • General Information

    The MU Wind Bands program consists of two bands - the Wind Ensemble, where members audition for the group, and the Concert Band, where auditions are for part placement and seating only. In addition, the Wind Bands' auditions serve as the audition for wind/percussion membership into the MU Orchestra.

    Students will be placed into a primary ensemble based on their audition. This ensemble will be what the students must register for credit (if ensemble credits are still required). This includes the Orchestra, Wind Ensemble, or Concert Band. Students are required to make room in their schedule for their assigned ensembleNo lesson, internship, or work should be scheduled conflicting with your assigned ensemble time.  If music majors join another ensemble (and you are encouraged to), it will be for zero credits.

    Non-majors are required to register for credit in all ensembles.

    All wind/percussion music majors are required to audition for an ensemble.

    Auditions will be blocked off her a specific instrument group. If a student cannot audition during that time, email Dr. Cernuto at for further instructions.

    Auditions will last approximately five minutes and will be first come first serve during the allotted time.

    There will be a room monitor who will assign you a number and introduce you. DO NOT SPEAK DURING THE AUDITION TIME TO PRESERVE ANONYMITY.

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  • Winds and Percussion


    The auditions will consist of the student playing all the etude below and a full range chromatic scale.

    Percussionists should take the repeat in the snare exercise, play both etudes and play a full range chromatic scale. 

    Students have the choice of the "A" or "B" ending - more weight will be given to the "B" ending.

    The etude will be released prior to the week of auditions. Please check back here in the future.


    All players should play their full range chromatic scale - ascending and descending from their lowest note to their highest note.

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  • String Bass and Piano

    There may be a need for piano and string bass. People interested in those instruments should email Dr. Cernuto at

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