Auditions - Solo Performance

How to Audition on Your Preferred Instrument or Voice

At Millersville University, ALL music majors must play an instrument or sing. We are a "musician-first" school and offer classical and commercial tracks in several areas. (See specific details below.) The audition is one of four components and is meant for us to see what level of playing/singing you are coming in. Check out all the vocal and instrumental areas we have to offer!


Presentation of selected works demonstrating your level of musical and technical mastery as an instrumentalist or vocalist. You should prepare and perform two contrasting pieces of repertoire that best demonstrates your level of musical and technical mastery. Major and/or Chromatic Scales may be asked of instrumentalists.

Specific questions about your major performance audition should be directed to the individual instrument instructors. Please also email us at The Music Admit team can also answer questions about performance areas as well.

These apply to ALL of our degree programs:
  • Music Education
  • Music Industry
  • B.A. in Music (General or Performance Concentrations)

In general, we request two contrasting works. We also provide a short sight reading and, depending on your instrument/voice, you may be asked to perform scales. PLEASE email the area contact or the music department for more specific questions for each of the degree programs so we can answer any questions and help you be prepared for the audition.

Major Performance Areas:


  • Classical and Commercial voice focus available
  • Classical Voice - Prof. Kristin Simms, Dr. Jeffrey Gemmell
  • Classical Voice area contact: Dr. Jeffrey Gemmell- Email Dr. Gemmell
  • Commercial Voice - Prof. Brandon Martinez
  • Commercial Voice area contact: Prof. Brandon Martinez - Email Prof. Martinez
  • SPECIAL AUDITION NOTE: Auditioning students whose major performance area is voice must sing with some form of accompaniment.  This may be live OR prerecorded (CD or MP3).  An accompanist will not be provided.


  • Commercial focus
  • Please provide two examples of your work. (We don't ask for scales or sight reading for the virtual instrument audition.)
  • Prof. Rusty Banks - Email Prof. Banks



  • Acoustic/Classical Guitar, Electric Guitar
  • Classical and Commercial focus
  • Instructors: Prof. Rusty Banks, Prof. David Cullen, Prof. Marcia Englar
  • Guitar area contact: Prof. Rusty Banks - Email Prof. Banks

Piano and Keyboards –

  • Instruments taught: Piano, Keyboards, Organ, Harpsichord
  • Classical and Commercial tracks available
  • Piano area contact: Dr. Xun Pan - Email Dr. Pan

Violin and Viola Area -

  • Viola and Viola
  • Classical focus
  • Instructors - Dr. Madeleine Darmiento, Dr. Vera Volchansky
  • High strings area contact: Dr. Vera Volchansky - Email Dr. Volchansky

Cello Area -

String Bass Area -

  • Upright String Bass and Electric Bass
  • Classical and Commercial focus
  • Instructor Contact: Mike Vitale - Email Prof. Vitale




Drums and Percussion

  • Classical focus - All drums, percussion, mallets, drumset
  • Commercial focus - Snare drum, drumset
  • Instructor Contact: Prof. Steve Goss -  Email Prof. Goss