Certificate in Modern Band Applications

Music Education, Music Performance, and Music Industry students now have the option of obtaining a new Modern Band Applications Certificate at the Tell School! 

The Modern Band Applications Certificate Program is unique to the Tell School of Music and is an incredible way to add this skillset to one of our existing music degrees or as a stand-alone certificate. Students in the program will strengthen both their teaching and performance skills in the realm of popular music making and will offer our graduates an employment advantage in public schools, and in the music education workforce.

The Certificate is an additional credential to the student's transcript showing additional, specialized study in Modern Band Applications. Students who elect Modern Band Application studies will not only be prepared to teach modern band and applied rock band classes, they will also be versed in live sound, teaching songwriting and composition in a group setting in their schools, and become familiar with all the instruments needed to teach these classes.

The Certificate Program consists of 9 credits. Students who elect the certificate will study not only with our world-renowned Music Education faculty but also with our professional Music Industry faculty and work in our world-class Music Industry facilities.  


  • MUSI 350 The Art of Teaching Modern Band - 3.0 credits

    This course provides in-depth coverage of the exploration of Modern Band pedagogy and curriculum, starting with the key tenets of Composition, Improvisation, Approximation, Scaffolding, and Safe Space. These will be demonstrated through interactive lectures, performances, and group interaction on guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, technology, and vocals. Materials from this course will cover the Little Kids Rock teacher manual and songbooks. In addition, the class will cover the basics of different rock instruments, with guitars, keyboards, a bass, and a drum set being provided for class study.
  • MUSI 294 Live Audio Production - 3.0 credits  

    This course will explore the technology and techniques necessary to produce concerts in a variety of venues including those on and off campus. Students will take part in all facets of concert production as it relates to music including equipment options, signal flow, signal processing, mixing live shows, and live recording techniques. It utilizes students in the class using modern band curriculum to be able to provide live demonstrations for in-class learning opportunities. 
  • MUSI 398 Songwriting and Composition- 3.0 credits

    This course will explore the techniques necessary to write and produce commercial pop songs and scores for radio, film, commercials, and video games. Topics include melodic and harmonic development, song forms, lyric structures, orchestration, instrumentation, arranging, and demo production.
  • MUSI 124 Commercial Lab Ensemble OR MUSI 324 Commercial Ensemble - 0-1.0 credits

    Music literature, ensemble technique, and performance practice through musical performance in commercial music lab band. 

Level of Proficiency to earn the Modern Band Applications Certificate and Certificate Requirements:

A grade of B or higher in all courses is required for successful certification.

Successful interview with the Music Industry and Music Education faculty outlining how the certificate program fits with and enhances the student’s career goals.

Students should take MUSI 294 and MUSI 398 after successfully passing MUSI 350.

Commercial Lab Ensemble / Commercial Lab Band must be taken in sequential Fall/Spring semesters


For more information on the Modern Band Applications Certificate at Millersville contact the music office or Dr. Jennifer Jester.