Answers to Common Questions

Welcome! We'll use this site as a repository for answers to questions we receive through email or in the online New Student Meetups held over the summer. If you have been admitted to Millersville University and have completed your confirmation deposit for fall 2024, you are encouraged to review the information provided in your online, pre-orientation, the Millersville Arrival Program (MAP).

Where do I...

Q: ...go on my first day of class?
A: Class schedules will be available in your myVille account the third week in July. Take advantage of the "Walk your Schedule" opportunity on Sunday, August 25 to familiarize yourself with campus buildings.

Q: ...find the name of my advisor?
A: You can find the name of your academic advisor through your MAX account. Note, however, that advisors are not usually assigned until after the start of the semester. If you have questions earlier, contact your academic department and ask to speak with the department chairperson.

Q: ...find scholarships that are specifically for the University Honors College?
A: There are not any scholarships specifically for incoming students in the Honors College. Scholarships received through the Office of Undergraduate Admissions are merit-based (based on your High School GPA). You can browse other scholarship opportunities on the Financial Aid webpage.

Q: ...receive the financial aid packet? In the mail or on mySpyglass account?
A: It will be emailed to your MU email address (so long as you've confirmed your enrollment) and available in your MAX account.

Q: ...find my housing status? Is it in the same place where we see our tuition?
A: Your award package will show your current housing status that is on file with admissions. if you feel it is incorrect, please contact your admissions counselor or complete the change form to update your housing status.

Q: for a parking pass?
A: You'll order it and pay for it online. The parking portal doesn't usually open until late July. 

Q: ...find my awards package?
A: You can find it either on your offer letter broken down by type, or on your MAX account in the Financial Aid tab.

Q: find my MU Email and student ID number to set up my accounts?
A: It's in your MySpyglass portal on the left-hand side of the page with linked setup instructions.

Q: ...find the videos of The Squawk meetings if we didn't attend?
A: They will be posted on the Orientation website as soon as possible. Check the bottom of the page in the list of all sessions.   

How do I...

Q: ...join a club? Can students establish their own clubs?
A: To express interest in a club, visit their table at the Involvement Fair during EPPIIC Weekend or contact them through Get Involved. Yes, incoming students can establish clubs as well. 

Q:...choose a minor?
A: You will need to wait until you are here in the fall. Then make an appointment to talk with your Academic Advisor.

Q: ...find work depending on my class schedule?
A: Many on-campus jobs are flexible with work hours. Campus employers understand that being a student is the priority. If there is an office that you are interested in working in on campus, contact them with your class schedule to see if they have open positions that could accommodate your schedule. 

Q: ...set up a one-to-one appointment with Financial Aid? 
A: Right here!: 

Q: ...tell the Office of Student Accounts that I have an external scholarship?
A: Notify the Office of Student Accounts directly as they will apply the scholarship to your semester bill. You can email the award letter for the scholarship as well as your information to

Q: ...calculate the interest rate on federal student loans for unsubsidized loans?
A: The interest rate for all undergraduate federal loans this year (2024) is 6.53%.

Who do I...

Q: if I haven't received my financial aid offer letter?
A: Email the Financial Aid Office so they may search for a cause of the delay. Once any holds are cleared, they will send the letter out.

What do I...

Q: if I haven't received any information about PHEAA?
A: You can try contacting PHEAA at 1-800-692-7392 or via email at As far as we know, PHEAA is still sending these out so you just may not have received yours yet. Also check your junk and spam email. The email will come from

What do I need to know about Placement Testing?

Q: How many times can we take the placement tests?
A: Math Placement (but not the Basic Skills Test) can be taken up to five times online through ALEKS.

And what about...

Q: On mySpyglass, it said it was expected to attend all The Squawk events. Is that accurate?
That is correct! Each of the nine online sessions being offered this summer has different content.

How long are the sessions, on average? 
All sessions are scheduled for no longer than 45 minutes!

Q: Is my department to contact me for the Academic Department Update sessions?

A: You are supposed to register using the link which was provided to you in your MU email.

Q: How long do we have to complete the MAP?
A: There are three more modules that will unlock this summer. You are encouraged to go through each module as soon as possible, as the content is relevant to your being ready to start this fall. The next module drops on July 17.

Q: When will we receive our academic class schedules?
A: Schedules typically come out in July. You should receive an email when it is available in your MAX account.

Q: What type of computer can I bring?
Any! MU is both Mac and PC compatible, so any type of computer is good!

Q: Will there be a student club fair during the SummerCues?
A: Unfortunately, no. There are no current students here during the summer to staff the tables! There will be a Student Involvement Fair on Sunday, August 25. And you can reach out via email to clubs using the contact information on Get Involved.

Q: Are new students permitted to have a vehicle on campus their first semester?
A: Yes. Check out the Parking pages on the MU website.  

Q: How late can you stay out, off campus? And what time do you have to be back if you do go out?
A: There are no specified hours that you need to be on campus. Resident Advisors and Desk Assistants will be at the front desk of your hall until midnight, but you do not have to return to your residence hall by midnight. If you plan on being out past midnight, make sure to let your roommate/suitemates know of your plans so that they are not worried about you and know that you are safe!

Q: I wanted to sign up for the 5-month payment plan but we didn't get our bill for the semester yet. How should I calculate what the monthly payment would be for my tuition? 
A: If you have you received your financial aid offer letter yet, you can use that as the expected amount you will owe and set that as the amount for the payment plan. Fall bills will not go out until July. If anything changes on your bill, your payment plan will automatically recalculate with your remaining balance.

Q: If I have dual enrollment credits transferring how or when will I know the way it affects my schedule?
A: You will want to make sure you send the transcripts for those credits to Millersville. Once we receive those, they will be added to your degree audit. The Registrar's Office will assign your first semester's courses and they will ensure, if they can see the credits that you already have, that they schedule you for classes that meet other requirements.

Q: Would I have to pay more if I decide to add a minor??
A: Not on its own. The only way it would cost you extra to have a minor would be if it extended your time at Millersville past what you would be here for without it. As long as you fit the necessary classes into each semester it would not cost extra.

Q: Can I get an offer letter even if I don't qualify for FAFSA right now?
A: We need to receive the FAFSA information to be able to package your aid. Even if you do not think you will qualify there will still be some sort of federal loan available to you. Whether you accept or decline those loans is your decision, but we still need the FAFSA information regardless.

Q: Do you have to complete the FASFA?
A: While the FAFSA is not required to attend Millersville, it is highly encouraged you complete it to open yourself up to the most Financial Aid options and help ensure you don't leave any money on the table.

Q: If I'm out of state and I apply for a grant from my state, will it still work if I'm going to school in PA? 
A: This will depend on which state you currently reside in. Some states allow their grants to be used out of state, but others do not. Contact the Financial Aid Office.