New Faculty & Administrative Emeriti

Dr. Kelsey BackelsDr. Kelsey Backels  |  1991-2021

Professor of Counseling and Human Development

Dr. Kelsey Backels received her BA in Psychology from Madison College (James Madison University) in 1976, her M.ED. in Counselor Education form James Madison University in 1978 and her Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from Ball State University in 1991. Dr. Backels joined the faculty at Millersville University as a Psychologist in the Center for Counseling and Human Development in 1991 and brilliantly and compassionately served as the Department Chari/Director from December 2001 until her retirement in May 2021. Dr. Backels led the Department’s efforts to receive full accreditation by the International Association of Counseling Services (IACS), the major accrediting body for all university and college counseling centers. During her time at Millersville, she counseled hundreds of students impacting their lives with her warmth, wisdom, and support. She served on numerous University and Departmental committees including University Promotion and Tenure, APSCUF, Faculty Senate, Academic Outcomes Assessment and Academic Policies. Dr. Backels received extensive training in disaster mental health and critical incident stress management, served as an adjunct faculty member for Millersville’s Center for Disaster and Research Education on Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) and volunteered for the Lancaster County Critical Incident Stress Management Team. Dr. Backels had a great love of animals and was the founder of the highly successful pet therapy outreach program at the Counseling Center. She was an outstanding psychologist, a dedicated leader, and an amazing colleague.

Prof. Victor CapecceProfessor Victor Capecce  |  2007-2021

Professor of Communications and Theatre

Professor Victor Capecce earned a Master of Fine Arts from the Yale School of Drama in1975 and was a member of the United Scenic Artists union. Before his arrival at Millersville University’s Department of Communication and Theatre, he was known in the entertainment industry for his exceptional work as a scenic artist in stage, film, and television. In addition to teaching courses in stage design, stagecraft, puppetry, public speaking, and others, he spearheaded the development of the interdisciplinary minor in Entrepreneurship and the Multidisciplinary Studies program in Entertainment Technology, which successfully grew into a stand-alone Bachelor of Arts degree. During his years in the Department of Communication and Theatre, Professor Capecce taught and mentored generations of Technical Theatre students through his classes and his role as the Technical Director for University Theatre. Outside of Millersville University, he was coordinator/producer of the Four Corners Summer Arts Festival in Millersville and other local theatre organizations. He was an active presenter at local and regional conferences promoting the theatre arts. Professor Capecce received numerous awards from the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival, including Certificates of Merit for set designs. He was also named “One of the Most Civic-Minded Lancastrians” twice.


Dr. Richard ClarkDr. Richard Clark  |  1992-2022

Professor of Earth Sciences

Dr. Richard Clark retired after 35 years of distinguished service to Millersville University in the Department of Earth Sciences which he chaired for more than twenty years. Dr. Clark taught more than 24 different courses as a faculty member and developed new programs including the MS Integrated Scientific Applications and the graduate certificate in Space Weather and Environment: Science, Policy, and Communications. He was and continues to be a faithful advocate for engaging and innovative student-faculty research. Dr. Clark authored or co-authored 30 peer-reviewed publications and secured more than $2.5 million dollars in external funding with grants and contracts from NSF, NASA, DARPA, and NCAR. These funds supported research experiences for more than 250 students. In addition, he was a recognized national leader in the meteorology community elected to be a Fellow of the American Meteorological Society and awarded the Russell L. DeSouza Award for Outstanding Service to the Unidata Community. In 2022, he was elected President of the American Meteorological Society.

Dr. Christine GaudryDr. Christine Gaudry  |  1992-2023

Professor of English and World Languages

Dr. Christine Gaudry received her Ph.D. with Specialization in Eighteenth Century French Literature from the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill in 1986. In recent years, she also completed a graduate degree in teaching English as a Second Language. At Millersville, she served as a faculty member in the Department of Language and Culture Studies and Department of English and World Languages. As a passionate and dedicated language instructor, she taught a broad range of courses, especially in the area of French language and culture. In addition to her outstanding teaching, Dr. Gaudry took on several impactful leadership roles in her department and on the University level. Outside of Millersville, she served as an external evaluator for several programs including at the University of Central Arkansas, Wright State University, University of Pittsburgh, and for the Fulbright Program. She was also elected as a Regional Representative and Alternate Vice-President for the American Association of Teachers of French, and President and member of the Executive Council of the Pennsylvania Association of Foreign Language Departments. She was an accomplished scholar who published numerous articles and presented her work at close to 40 regional, national, and international conferences.

Dr. Enyang GuoDr. Enyang Guo  |  1992-2022

Professor of Finance

Dr. Enyang Guo, a distinguished Professor of Finance, retired in January 2022 after more than three decades of exceptional service at Millersville University. Throughout her career, she left an unforgettable mark on the Department of Accounting and Finance within the Lombardo College of Business, earning recognition for her outstanding contributions to academia and strong commitment to students and the community. As a member of the Department of Accounting and Finance from 1990 to 2022, Dr. Guo demonstrated her expertise by teaching a wide range of undergraduate and graduate courses. Her dedication to the field was evident in her hands-on approach, incorporating innovative teaching methods such as Stock-Trak portfolio simulations and student-led multinational company projects to enrich the learning experience for her students. Over the years, Dr. Guo's academic prowess shone through her extensive research contributions. She published eleven peer-reviewed articles in prestigious journals, including The Journal of Accounting and Finance, Applied Financial Economics, and The Financial Review. One of Dr. Guo's most significant accomplishments was the initiation and direction of the MU-Chinese Executive Training Program from 1998 to 2012. This unique and impactful program facilitated cross-cultural learning experiences, bringing Chinese executives to Millersville University for a six-month educational opportunity. Through this program, she forged strong partnerships between the university, local businesses, and organizations, enhancing diversity and globalization at MU. Dr. Guo's commitment to her alma mater extended beyond academics. She played a central role in establishing the first international chapter of the alumni of Chinese executive students at MU - the Shanghai Chapter of the Alumni Association. This pioneering initiative solidified her reputation as a visionary leader who fostered strong connections between the university and its global alumni. Her dedication to the University's growth and success was evident through her active involvement in various University-wide, college-wide, and departmental committees. Dr. Guo's invaluable contributions spanned searches, curriculum development, program enhancement, and evaluation committees. Throughout her tenure, Dr. Guo demonstrated commendable dedication and a clear pursuit of excellence, leaving an enduring legacy of educational innovation and international collaboration.

Mr. Dwight HorseyMr. Dwight Horsey  |  1995-2022

Associate Vice President of Student Financial Services

Dwight Horsey has worked in higher education for over 32 years. He has worked at both public and private institutions in Maryland and Pennsylvania. Dwight started his career in Admissions at the University of Maryland Baltimore County and then moved to Financial Aid and Student Affairs.

While at Millersville University, he has worked as Assistant VP for Student Affairs initiating the restructuring of the Orientation and Student Programs offices as well as the start of the Veterans Services Office, the Campus Cupboard, customer service and student diversity programs. Additional responsibilities included working with recruitment and retention programs, assisting with student programming, and bringing performers to campus for the Cultural Affairs Committee.

Dwight is a member of the Pennsylvania Tuition Account Program Board and was a member of Pennsylvania State Grant Advisory Board. Dwight has served as President of Pa. Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators, a National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators Peer Review team, Chair of the Multicultural committee of the Eastern Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators and Regional Representative for the Eastern Region of the College Board.

In addition to his professional duties on campus, he was advisor to several student organizations including the Black Student Union, Artists Rocking Together, Mu Sigma Upsilon Sorority as well as coordinator for Millersville Concerned Men and Millersville Concerned Women student mentoring organizations.

Dr. Rebecca Mowrey  |  1996-2022

Professor of Wellness and Sport Sciences

Dr. Rebecca J. Mowery served as a Professor of Wellness and Sport Sciences. During her 26 years of employment at Millersville University she taught numerous courses including undergraduate courses and graduate programs. She published four reports for the Pennsylvania Department of Education, two chapters in Law for Recreation and Sport published by Kendall/Hunt (updated for 8 editions), and 14 peer-reviewed journal articles, primarily in the Journal of Legal Aspects of Sport. She received several internal faculty grants to support work and one external grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Education Grant for curriculum development. At Millersville University, her significant service contributions have included serving as the Program Coordinator for the M.Ed. in Sport Management, as the Assistant Director of Women’s Athletics, Vice President for the Faculty Senate, President of APSCUF-MU, Chair of the Graduate Course and Program Review Committee, Chair of the Academic Policies Committee, Chair of the International Studies Curriculum Committee, and as Faculty advisor for MU Student Chapter of Habitat for Humanity. At the Department level, she served on the Curriculum Committee, as the Faculty Senator, and as Chair of the Graduate Curriculum Committee. For her profession, she served as President of the National Association of Sport and Physical Education, President of the Coaches Council for NASPE, President of the Sport and Recreation Law Association, President of the Safety and Risk Management Council for (AAPAR) and was awarded the Sport and Recreation Law Association Honor Award. Additionally, she served on the Editorial Boards for the Journal of Legal Aspects of Sport, Recreational Sports, and the NIRSA Journal. In the community, she served with Habitat for Humanity and the Hospice of Lancaster County.

Dr. Judith Halden-SullivanDr. Judith Halden-Sullivan | 1999-2022

Professor of English

Dr. Judith Halden-Sullivan received her Ph.D. in English from the Pennsylvania State University in 1984. She served as a faculty member in the English and World Languages Department where she taught numerous different courses, including English Composition, for which she developed a remarkable learning guide. Dr. Halden-Sullivan diligently served on important Departmental and University committees. She was also the coordinator and judge for the Academy of American Poets Student Poetry Contest, the coordinator for the “Reflect and Connect” Series of the Center for Public Scholarship and Social Change, and a co-chair for the Title III-Strengthening Institutions Program-Grant Committee. Dr. Halden-Sullivan also served as a reviewer for the Bloomsbury Academic Press and Transatlantica: American Studies Journal, and as a reviewer and book review editor for the Journal of the Assembly for Expanded Perspectives on Learning. Dr. Halden-Sullivan was a talented writer who published a wide range of literary work and regularly presented at regional and national conferences. She was an exceptional and beloved professor whose teaching inspired creativity and love for writing in many generations of students.

Dr. Gary LeinbergerDr. Gary Leinberger  |  1986-2023

Professor of Accounting and Finance

Dr. Gary Leinberger, an exceptional educator and esteemed member of the Millersville University community retired in June of 2023. Over his distinguished career, Dr. Leinberger has consistently demonstrated his unwavering commitment to his students and made significant contributions to the University, leaving a lasting impact on students, faculty, and the field of finance. Dr. Leinberger's journey at Millersville began in 1986 when he was hired as the sole member of the Finance Department. Through his visionary leadership, he played a pivotal role in developing a cutting-edge finance curriculum that set Millersville finance graduates apart from others in the profession. His dedication to integrating technology into the finance curriculum and establishing the department's first computer lab underscored his commitment to staying at the forefront of educational advancements. As a well-respected instructor, Dr. Leinberger taught a wide array of undergraduate and graduate courses, ranging from Financial Markets and Investments to Managerial Finance and Future of Business. His passion for teaching extended beyond the classroom, as evidenced by the publication and presentation of more than 30 papers in the areas of finance and classroom pedagogy, including the prestigious Best Paper Award in International Finance at the 2011 Academy of Business Research Conference. Dr. Leinberger's professional involvement extended beyond teaching and research. He actively participated in many committees, including those related to curriculum development, faculty and dean searches, and technology initiatives. His dedication to service also extended into the community, where he engaged in multiple boards focused on Lancaster County's development and the betterment of local youth. Dr. Leinberger's extensive consulting work not only elevated the University's reputation but also facilitated strong partnerships that enriched his classes with guest speakers and opened doors for internships and employment opportunities for countless Millersville students and alumni. Dr. Gary Leinberger’s legacy will undoubtedly continue to inspire future generations of students and educators, leaving an indelible mark on the University, the field of finance, and the wider community.

Dr. Joseph McCadeDr. Joseph McCade  |  1987-2022

Professor of Applied Engineering, Safety and Technology

Dr. McCade served as a Professor of Applied Engineering, Safety & Technology (AEST) and retired after 35 years of dedicated and faithful service. He served multiple terms as Graduate Program Coordinator within the AEST department and taught undergraduate courses to students enrolled in Technology & Engineering Education, Occupational Safety & Environmental Health, and Applied Engineering & Technology Management degree programs. Dr. McCade also served as a trustee to the Beta Phi chapter of the Epsilon Pi Tau honorary society here at MU. Throughout his teaching career Dr. McCade taught technical courses including Energy & Power, Power Conversion & Control, Transportation & Automation and Fluid Power. He also taught a self-developed university general education course entitled Technology Assessment:  The Amish and Others that helped students fulfill university Perspectives and Diversity requirements. In 1998, Dr. McCade served a term as President of the Technology & Engineering Education Association of Pennsylvania. He was an active member of the International Technology & Engineering Education Association throughout his entire career. In addition to serving on many campus committees, Dr. McCade was a board member of the Occupational Development Center of Lancaster for 14 years. A prolific scholar, Dr. McCade authored or coauthored more than 20 publications and presented more than 40 times at various levels from local to international during his career at Millersville University.

Dr. Suzanne NimmrichterDr. Suzanne Nimmrichter  |  1999-2022

Professor of English and World Languages

Dr. Suzanne Nimmrichter received her Ph.D. in Educational Linguistics from the University of Pennsylvania in 1997. She served as a faculty member in the Department of Language and Culture Studies and later – English and World Languages Department. She taught a range of courses in language pedagogy, linguistics and German language and culture. Having taught and inspired many of the region’s best German language teachers, she was recognized by the Pennsylvania State Modern Languages Association with the Post-Secondary Educator of the Year Award. While at Millersville, Dr. Nimmrichter served as Chair and Graduate Coordinator of the Language and Culture Studies Department. She organized and led German graduate summer school and oversaw the Department’s media teaching material collection. She was a dedicated advisor to the German Club and organized effective study abroad opportunities for the students. She was also an active scholar with publications and over 30 presentations at local, regional, and national professional conferences. Dr. Nimmrichter served in the positions of President, Vice President, and Secretary on the Central Pennsylvania Chapter of the American Association of Teachers of German. In addition, she was the President and member of the Executive Council of the PA State Modern Language Association.

Dr. Helena Tuleya-PayneDr. Helena Tuleya-Payne |  1992-2021

Professor of Psychology

Dr. Helena Tuleya-Payne served Millersville University for 29 years as a faculty member in the Psychology Department and in the later years of her tenure, as a leader in the College of Education and Human Services (CEHS). Forever an ardent supporter of students and ambassador of the School Psychology program, she will long be remembered for her grace and diplomatic style as a campus trailblazer and for her significant contributions to state associations and to the community at large. She taught a range of undergraduate and graduate courses, authored over 20 publications, and presented her work at 35 local, regional, and national association conferences. Some of her many contributions to the University include serving as the Interim Dean and Assistant to the Dean in the CEHS (The School of Education as it was known then), Chair and Assistant Chair of the Department of Psychology (total of 14 years), Graduate Program Coordinator for the School Psychology Program, Co-Chair of the Middle States Commission on Higher Education, and as a member/chair of nearly 40 college and university committees. She was the Chief Compiler and Co-Compiler for the National Association of School Psychologists Certification Folio Review and served in leadership roles for the Pennsylvania Psychological Association, Association of School Psychologists of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania Psychological Foundation, and PennPsyPac. She was awarded the 2006 Pennsylvania Psychological Association Award for Distinguished Contributions to School Psychology and was appointed by the Pennsylvania Governor to the School Safety and Security Committee and the Special Council on Gun Violence. Dr. Tuleya-Payne’s legacy of exemplary service will live on through the many lives she touched during her time at Millersville University.

Dr. Tracey WeisDr. Tracey Weis |  1992-2022

Associate Professor of History

Dr. Tracey Weis received her Ph.D. in American History/Women’s History from Rutgers, the State of New Jersey, in 1993 and joined Millersville University’s History Department in 1992. In addition to her extensive teaching and student mentoring responsibilities, Dr. Weis led the Women’s and Gender Studies program between 2005-2015 and served on numerous and impactful University committees and initiatives. She was a visionary leader whose ideas sparked many improvements in teaching and student support at Millersville. During her years here, she was the lead on the Carnegie-funded Visible Knowledge Project and participated in nation-wide symposia, conferences and events especially related to oral and digital history. She was a panelist for the National Endowment for the Humanities Digital Humanities Initiative Grants program and served as a reviewer for the Woodrow Wilson Dissertation Fellowship in Women’s Studies. She was also a participant in the United Nations Commission for the Status of Women, and People to People Historical Studies Delegation in South Africa. In addition, Dr. Weis served as a consultant on a project “Vietnam, Visual Literacy, and the Historical Imagination,” at the Teacher’s College, Columbia University. She was instrumental in developing important links between Millersville University and the broader community by serving on several committees while following her passion for equitable access to education.

Dr. Ying WushanleyDr. Ying Wushanley |  1996-2022

Professor of Wellness and Sport Sciences

Dr. Ying Wushanley served as a Professor of the Department of Wellness & Sport Sciences. During his 26 years of employment at MU, he taught numerous courses ranging from undergraduate courses for non-majors and majors to graduate-level courses. He has published a manuscript entitled Playing Nice and Losing: The Struggle for Control of Women’s Intercollegiate Athletics 1960-2000, 24 book chapter and encyclopedia contributions, six published proceedings, and nine published book/film reviews. His work has also been disseminated at four keynote addresses and 30 presentations at regional, national, and international conferences. Dr. Wushanley has an extensive record of service to the University (membership on the Academic Policies Committee, the Asian American Cultural Committee, the Faculty Senate, as Advisor for the Exploratory Program, on the International Selection Committee, the President’s Commission on Cultural Diversity, the President’s Commission on the Status of Women, the Social Equity Advisory Committee, the Wellness Committee, and as Chair of Women’s Endowment Award Committee), the College of Education and Human Services (member on the Academic and Cultural Enrichment Committee and the Advanced Professional Studies Appeals Committee), APSCUF-MU (as a Representative and member on the Grievance Committee and Nominations and Selections Committee), Department (as Academic Advisor for the M.Ed. and B.S. Sport Management programs, as Chair of the Curriculum Committee, as the Department Library Liaison, as a member of the Graduate Curriculum Committee, the Graduate Admissions Committee, the Outcome Assessment Committee, and the Undergraduate Programs Committee), and to his profession (named a Fellow of the European Committee for Sports History, as a Fulbright Senior Specialists candidate, as a member of the Executive Council for the North American Society for Sport History, and as a manuscript reviewer for several journals).

Dr. Zhoude ShaoDr. Zhoude Shao |  1994-2022

Professor of Mathematics

Dr. Shao has been a faculty member at Millersville University since 1994 and was promoted to Professor in 2004. Dr. Shao taught a broad range of mathematics courses at the graduate and undergraduate level from Basic Mathematics through Mathematical Modeling and Topics in Applied Mathematics. Additionally, Dr. Shao has worked with over 20 students on independent research projects with many resulting in local and national conference presentations. He has co-authored a textbook entitled A First Course in Partial Differential Equations with course material for a year-long course. Additionally, he has published numerous peer-reviewed publications and presented papers at local, national, and international conferences. He was selected to be a reviewer for Mathematical Reviews which provides timely information on peer-reviewed articles and books. Dr. Shao served Millersville University in a variety of capacities in addition to teaching. He served on the Commission of Cultural Diversity, was Acting Mathematics Assistant Chair, Coordinator for Math Assistance Center, Coordinator for the Applied Mathematics Option, member on the College Curriculum Committee, member on the APSCUF Nomination Committee, and student and new faculty mentor. Service to the community has included being Treasurer for the Lancaster Chinese Association and Chinese American Professors and Professionals of Central Pennsylvania and being a reader for the AP statistics test by ETS.

Dr. Barbara ZimmermanDr. Barbara Zimmerman |  1987-2020

Professor of Nursing

Dr. Barbara Zimmerman retired from the Wehrheim School of Nursing after more than 33 years of distinguished and dedicated service.  During her time at Millersville University, Dr. Zimmerman created numerous courses and programs, led the program through several national accreditation visits, and served as a mentor to many.  In particular, Dr. Zimmerman led the School Nurse Certification program for more than 20 years and was a national expert in school nurse curriculum.  She served on several national school nurse curriculum projects and was inducted into the Academy of Fellows for the National Association of School Nurses. Dr. Zimmerman served on many committees during her tenure at Millersville University and was department chair for 6 years.  Dr. Z, as she was known to many students, was a tireless advocate for our non-traditional nursing students.  She initiated a system of providing advisement to students at our community college partners so students would have a seamless transition to MU.  Dr. Zimmerman served as a school board director for Hempfield School District and instituted a various policies and programs to address mental health needs.  Dr. Zimmerman’s legacy of supporting students, innovative approach to problems, and mentorship will continue to guide the Wehrheim School of Nursing.