Faculty Recognition

Academic Support Services & Student Success

  • Dr. Margaret Mbindyo, Assistant Professor in the Department of Academic Advising and Student Development was elected Chair of NACADA’s Global Engagement Community Committee (2021-2023) which assists in the recruitment, retention, and support of international academic advising professionals. 
  • Professors Kim Auger and Greg Szczyrbak presented "Game the System! Using the LMS to Gamify Library Student Employee Training, Creating an Engaging Learning Experience" at SSHELCO 2021: (State System of Higher Education Library Cooperative Annual Conference) on April 8, 2021, Online Webinar. 
  • Filippone, C. & Parrish, M. M. (2021, March 27). Millersville University Women of Color Oral History Project. Presentation at the PASSHE Women’s Consortium meeting.   
  • Parrish, M. M. (2021, April 13). Are We There Yet? The View from Millersville. Invited presentation at the Mid-Atlantic Regional Archives Conference; part of a panel titled University Archives at 2021: Are We There Yet? Other panelists included archivists from University of Pittsburgh, Misericordia University, and Virginia Tech.   
  • Andrew Welaish, Professor Marilyn Parrish, Adam Omar, and Liz Crum—Welaish, A., Parrish, M., Omar, A., & Crum, L. (2021, April 19). Millersville University-WGAL Film Digitization and Preservation Project. Presentation at the State System of Higher Education Library Conference. 
  • The research team on the “Bridging the Gap” project published an article about their project in July 2020. The article is titled “Dinner Together:  Using Experiential Learning to Build Human Connections in a Social Service Setting,” and is co-authored by Jennifer M. Frank, Heather Girvin, Laura Brierton Granruth, and Brittany Leffler. It appeared in the Journal of Community Practice.
  • Dr. Jennifer Frank and Ms. Brittany Leffler (graduate student) presented “Social Isolation in Rural Areas: Exploring the Use of Letter Writing to Enhance Human Connections” at the Social Justice Symposium hosted by the National Association of Social Workers – PA Chapter on February 24, 2021.
  • Marilyn Parrish and Calida Barboza co-presented “Pivoting to Grow Robust Digital Primary Sources for Student Learning During the COVID-19 Pandemic” at the Distance Library Services Conference on November 4, 2020. 
  • Calida Barboza and ELCM associate director Margo Sassaman co-presented “Empowering Students to Apply Their Career Readiness Competencies” at the Middle Atlantic Career Counseling Association (MACCA) 50th Annual Virtual Conference on November 10, 2020.
  • Auger, K., Pfannenstiel, N. & Fox, M. were awarded a PA GOAL grant of $3,166 to refine, revise, and openly publish a New OER Adopters Course called “OER Adoption Journey”. This is based on the online course they created for MU OTI faculty. 
  • Santamaria, M., Pfannenstiel, N. were awarded a PA GOAL grant of $2,000 to use library eBooks to design a new class in Rhetoric that is filling a key gap in the English curriculum.
  • Over 500 students and 100 faculty/staff participated in the 2020-2021 Academic Resilience Speaker Series, featuring experts on MU’s campus and in the wider higher educational community across eleven sessions during the fall and spring semesters.  The series was designed to assist students in taking ownership of their learning as they practice mindfulness, self-care and intentionally make efforts to connect with others. The series offers a space for students to learn, rewind and be provided with actionable strategies, advice for academic success, and ways to cultivate self-efficacy.   Drs. Margaret Mbindyo and Ann Gaudino are the faculty facilitators. 

College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences

  • Through the support of the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences Fellowship Program, Mamie Covell complement an Arts Management internship with Berks Arts.
  • Marco Antolin (Language & Culture Studies). The Search for Inspiration and Poetic Apprenticeship: Philip Levine on Translating Antonio Machado and Learning from Garcia Lorca. Five Points: A Journal of Literature & Art XX (1)
  • Kirsten Bookmiller (Government & Political Affairs). International Disaster Law in Practice: North America, Central and Caribbean Region. Yearbook of International Disaster Law (Brill Publishers)
  • Christine Filippone (Art & Design). Desalineación: Open Systems as Social Transformation in Tucumán Arde. In Nervous Systems: Art, Systems, Politics, Since 1960. Johanna Gosse and Tim Stott, eds. (Duke University Press)
  • Leslie Gates (Art & Design) & Bard, B. Autonomous Artists: Second Graders’ Perspectives on their Artwork. Art Education 74(4)
  • Stacey Irwin (Communication & Theatre). Digital Hermeneutics for the New Age of Cinema. Al & Society
  • Katarzyna Jakubiak (English). Made of Sugar. Blackbird
  • Kirsten Madden (Economics) and Nicholas Armstrong. The Design of a Virtuous Political Economy as inspired by “Unto This Last.” Review of Social Economy
  • Kaitlin Mondello (English). ‘Of Toads and Men’: Brutal Kinship in Emily Dickinson and Charles Darwin. Journal of Literature and Science
  • Mary Sommar (History). The Slaves of the Churches: A History (Oxford University Press)
  • Osman Suliman (Economics). Land Tenure, Ethnicity, and Desertification in Darfur. In Environmental Sustainability and Development in Organizations. Clara Pardo Martinez and Alexander Cotte Poveda, eds. (Taylor & Francis)

College of Science & Technology

  • Scott Warner (Applied Engineering, Safety & Technology) was selected by the Council on Technology and Engineering Teacher Education to be the Technology and Engineering Teacher Educator of the Year (2021).
  • Richard Clark (Earth Sciences) was elected President of the American Meteorological Society (AMS; serving as President-Elect [2021], President [2022], and Past-President [2023]). 
  • Richard Clark, Dr. Robert Vaillancourt, Dr. Alex DeCaria, Dr. Talor Walsh (Earth Sciences), received $331,884 from the National Science Foundation’s Major Research Instrumentation program for their proposal “MRI: Cluster Computing for Artificial Intelligence-Enabled Data Analytics and Earth Systems Modeling.”
  • Jack Ogutu, Dr. Betty-Jo Bowers, and Dr. Mehdi Khalighi (Applied Engineering, Safety & Technology) received a Worker Safety and Health Training Grant from the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration ($72,000).
  • Sepideh Yalda (Earth Sciences), received funding to develop the “Virtual Education and Training Webinar Series,” from the Natural Hazard Mitigation Association ($10,000) and for the “Development of undergraduate certificate in crime and justice based on UN UNODC E4J modules,” from Wilfred Laurier University (Canada) ($20,000).
  • The following faculty received a PASSHE Faculty Professional Development Council grant: Dr. Kathryn Allen (Chemistry), Dr. Aaron Haines (Biology), Dr. Ajoy Kumar (Earth Sciences), Dr. Isaac Ligocki (Biology), Dr. Heather Lehman (Biology), Dr. Laura Ramos Sepulveda (Biology), and Dr. Maja Klosinska (Biology).
  • Millersville University’s Emergency Management program was ranked as one of the 25 best in the country, according to BestMastersPrograms.org.
  • The Occupational Safety and Environmental Health program celebrated its 40th anniversary and is one of 28 recipients of the NIOSH-funded Training Project Grant

College of Education and Human Services

  • Beth Powers (EMEE) – Educator of the Year Award, 2020-21.  MU Faculty Senate
  • Karen Rice (SOWK) – Invitation to serve as a panelist on Microsoft’s Global Government Forum
  • Tim Mahoney (EDFN) – Invitation to serve as Global Teacher Education Fellow by the Longview Foundation
  • Wanja Ogongi (SOWK) – Awarded a fellowship by the Carnegie African Diaspora Fellowship Program

Office of Grants, Sponsored Programs and Research

  • Behavioral Health Workforce Training Grant (Opioid Intervention), U.S. DHHS Health Resources Administration - $1.9 million
    Dr. Debra Vredenburg (PSYC) and Dr. Karen Rice (SOWK) are co-directors of a $1.9M grant “Promoting Rigorous and Interdisciplinary Mental Healthcare Education.”
    Dr. Karen Rice, SOWK
    Dr. Debra Vredenburg, PSYCH
    Dr. Karena Rush, PSYCH

  • Transition and Postsecondary Programs for Students with Intellectual Disabilities, U.S. Department of Education - $2.4 million
    Dr. Thomas Neuville, EDFN
    Dr. Ann Marie Licata, EDFN

  • Upstream-Downstream Collaboration Watershed Education, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration - $396,318
    Dr. Nanette Marcum-Dietrich EDFN
    Dr. Abdulsalami Ibrahim, EDFN