Advisory Board

Mission: We prepare students for a lifetime of professional work and responsible citizenship by offering curricular programs and co-curricular activities that foster their intellectual development, stimulate their curiosity, and support their personal growth within an inclusive, welcoming environment.    

Vision: We create dynamic educational experiences to provide our students with the knowledge, skills, experiences, and confidence to excel in whatever they choose to pursue. 



Dr. Saul Fink, Normunity, Sr. Vice President of Pharmaceutical and Nonclinical Development

Saul is currently Sr. Vice President, Pharmaceutical and Nonclinical Development at Normunity reporting to the CEO and leads CMC and nonclinical teams for the development of monoclonal antibodies in the immuno-oncology space. He is a biotech and pharmaceutical R&D leader and was most recently with Goldfinch Bio. He was previously with Bristol-Myers Squibb where he held key strategy, business operations and laboratory roles and worked closely with senior executives to accelerate strategy execution, business transformations and operational performance. He graduated from Millersville University with a bachelor’s degree in chemistry and earned a doctorate in analytical/physical chemistry from the University of Houston. Saul was appointed to the Council of Trustees in May 2020 and serves as chair of the Governance and Nominations Committee.


Mr. Brent Frey

Brent D. Frey retired from Apple Inc. in June 2022 after serving as Director of Education for twenty one years. Brent was a member of the Apple Education Leadership Team and lead all groups in the division that focused on the use of technology to transform learning and teaching in both K12 and higher education. Prior to joining Apple, Brent served as a school administrator for twelve years in the West Shore School District near Harrisburg, PA, where he held positions as middle school principal and district director of technology. Brent serves on the advisory board for the College of Business as well as the College of Science and Technology and sponsors the Brent D. Frey Technology Education Scholarship for students at Millersville who aspire to a career in education.

 Dr. Jon S. Kauffman, Eurofins Lancaster Laboratories, Inc. Vice President, Biopharma Biologics

Jon S. Kauffman is currently Vice President, BioPharma Biologics at Eurofins Lancaster Laboratories. He is responsible for the Biochemistry and Cell & Molecular Biology testing services that support biopharmaceutical companies in providing their products to patients. He graduated from Millersville University with a bachelor’s degree in chemistry and earned a doctorate in physical chemistry from the University of Delaware. Jon has taught as an adjunct professor of Chemistry at Millersville University since 1993 and served on the Advisory Board since 2008.

Mr. Will McGorty


Mr. Will McGrorty, Intellicor Communications LLC, Vice President

Will McGrorty is currently Vice-President at Intellicor Communications LLC and is Past President of the Susquehanna Litho Foundation.  Will received his Bachelor of Science degree in Graphic Communication from Millersville University.  


Mr. Jeff Pinegar


Mr. Jeffrey Pinegar, Phoenix Contact, Inc. Product Manager Development and Manufacturing Division

Jeff Pinegar is a Senior Product Manager in the Development and Manufacturing Division at Phoenix Contact.  Jeff received his bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Akron, his MBA in Marketing from the University of Saint Thomas, and his master's degree in Management from Georgia Institute of Technology.

Ms Deborah Willwerth


Ms. Deborah WillwerthUPMC Pinnacle Lancaster Region, President

Deborah Willwerth is President of UPMC Pinnacle Lancaster Region.  Deborah has her BSN degree from Millersville University and her MSN degree from Widener University. 

M. Harris


Dr. Marc Harris, Millersville University College of Science and Technology, Dean

 Dr. Harris is the Dean of the College of Science and Technology.  He graduated from the University of Arizona with a B.A. in Chemistry, and earned his doctorate in Inorganic Chemistry from the University of Nevada, Reno.