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Millersville began in 1855 as the Lancaster County Normal School to prepare teachers. It became the first state normal school in 1859, a State Teacher's College in 1927, and a State College in 1959. In 1983 the State System of Higher Education was formed, and Millersville became a multi-purpose university, Millersville University of Pennsylvania. Millersville still maintains its emphasis on teacher education, but the large majority of our graduates are liberal arts majors in the sciences, computer science, nursing, and mathematics.

Twenty percent of the graduates of the College of Science and Technology are secondary school teaching majors, with the largest number being mathematics education majors. Our education majors take the same courses as regular science and mathematics majors plus the extra courses in the College of Education and Human Services to be certified as teachers. The science and mathematics departments regularly offer supplementary one-credit pedagogy seminars that complement our first year and selected upper level courses and that explore how to teach.

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has identified the preparation of mathematics and science teachers as a high demand need; there is a clear shortage of science and mathematics teachers in the Commonwealth. If you are interested in secondary school teaching, the faculty are prepared to be your mentors to introduce you to a career in teaching. Start early; become a tutor yourself in your sophomore to senior years.

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