Science Facilities

Caputo Science Hall

The 88,000 square feet Caputo Science Hall was opened in the fall semester, 1999. This contemporary science facility houses the departments of biology, chemistry, nursing, and physics and the meteorology program. It includes:

  • 26 Science Teaching Laboratories
  • 26 Student/Faculty Research Laboratories
  • 1 High Tech Teaching Auditorium. 150 Seats.
  • 4 Classrooms
  • 1 Student Study Lounge
  • 1 Student Café and Lounge
  • 3 Conference Rooms
  • 39 Faculty Offices

Roddy Science Hall

Renovation of the 55,000 square feet Roddy Science Hall was completed in January 2001. Roddy Hall houses the botany and ecology programs, geology, computer science, and physics. It includes:

  • 13 Science/Computer Science Teaching Laboratories
  • 14 Student/Faculty Research Laboratories
  • 2 Large Auditoriums. 108 Seats
  • 7 Classrooms
  • 1 General Purpose Computer Laboratory
  • 1 Seminar/Study Room
  • 1 Electron Microscrope Facility
  • 9 Specialty and Support Rooms
  • 13 Faculty Offices

Brossman Hall

Located next to Caputo and Roddy Halls, Brossman Hall was built in 1994. It houses several faculty offices, a medium sized classroom, a computer science laboratory, and laboratory space for oceanography and geology.


Nichols House

Located next to Caputo/Roddy Halls, Nichols House includes the Earth Sciences offices and the Remote Sensing and Imaging Laboratory.


McComsey Hall

McComsey Hall is home to the Geography department, along with the departments of Accounting & Finance, Economics, Foreign Languages, History, Management & Marketing, and Philosophy. McComsey Hall houses the Office of the Dean of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, 17 classrooms, 2 computer labs (1 PC lab and 1 dual-booting Mac lab), Myers Auditorium, the Ford Atrium, departmental offices, meeting spaces, and faculty offices. 


Osburn Hall

The improved Osburn Hall, home of the Applied Engineering, Safety & Technology department, underwent a total lifecycle renewal and expansion that began with the Spring 2003. All major systems were replaced, and two additions were made to the building. Spring 2004 opened with the excitement of a new facility that was expanded to over 70,000 square foot center for the study of technology.

Today, Osburn Hall has main entrances on all three levels. The space inside has been allocated according to the technology cluster of communications, energy/power/transportation, production (manufacturing and construction), and occupational safety and environmental health.


Mathematics Facilities

Wickersham Hall

Wickersham Hall houses the Department of Mathematics including mathematics classrooms, a Mathematics Department computer laboratory, and offices for the mathematics faculty. Wickersham Hall was renovated in 2006.