The Supporting Student Success Program at Millersville University

In Fall 2021, the National Science Foundation Scholarships in STEM program (NSF S-STEM) awarded a team of Millersville University faculty a $1.5 million grant to fund scholarships for students in the Millersville University College of Science and Technology.

The program, named, 'Supporting Student Success (S³)', features support of unmet need up to $10,000 per academic year (renewable for four years) for each scholar, as well as support services for each scholar to prepare them for the STEM workforce. Among these support services are peer mentoring, a paid workforce development program, and community-outreach activities. Click Here for more information about these support services!

How do I apply?

Directions on how to be considered for the NSF S-STEM program.

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Scholarship Acceptance Agreement

Details on what a Scholar must do to maintain their scholarship.

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Project Management Team

Meet the faculty leading the NSF S-STEM program.

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Scholar Profiles

Learn more about our current scholarship recipients.

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The NSF S-STEM Program

Details on what support systems are used to make scholars in the NSF S-STEM program successful.

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National Science Foundation

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