Brenden Calv

Natalie presenting her research at Made in MillersvilleName: Brendan Calv

Hometown: Asbury, New Jersey

Anticipated graduation: May 2026

Major(s): Emergency Management

Minor: General Business



  • CHEER (Coastal Hazards, Equity, Economic Prosperity, and Resilience Hub) Summer Scholar Intern
    •  Collaborated with the University of Delaware and the University of East Carolina CHEER HUB faculty and other scholars on community engagement research
    • Received training and guidance on community-based outreach and research
    • Conducted observational fieldwork in coastal communities
    • Synthesized research about the roles and responsibilities of levels of government during disasters and presented it to peers, faculty, and community members
    • Presentation: Calv, B., “Government and Disasters: The Roles and Responsibilities of Local, State, and Federal Government During Each Disaster Phase”, Coastal Hazards, Equity, Economic Prosperity, and Resilience (CHEER) Presentations. East Carolina University, Greenville, North Carolina. July 2023.
  • Millersville National Science Foundation S-STEM Workforce Development Program Student Scholar
    • Conducted research at Millersville University and studied ebb and flood tide water quality parameters within the Chincoteague Bay Field Station at Wallops Island
    • Handled and worked with technical instruments
    • Working alongside a multidisciplinary group
    • Synthesized and presented research about tide’s effect on benthic fauna richness during a poster symposium
    • Presentation: Calv, B. et al., “Ebb Tide and Flood Tide: Effect on Benthic Fauna Richness”, National Science Foundation Scholarships in STEM S3: Supporting Student Success Research Symposium. Millersville University, Lancaster, Pennsylvania. June 2023.
  • NASA IMPACTS (Investigation of Microphysics and Precipitation for Atlantic-Coast Threatening Snowstorms) IOP Researcher
    • Stationed in Poughkeepsie, NY
    • Provided NASA with observations to address mechanisms of snow band formation, organization, and evolution
    • Assembled a remote weather condition tracking station
    • Launched several weather balloons

Inspirations (for major, research, internship):

I fell in love with the field of emergency management due to its wild nature, the lasting
impact it will provide, and the uniting power that disasters can bring to communities. My
passion for emergency management grew as I took part in several opportunities including the
IAEM Conference, the NASA IMPACTS Team, and the NSF S-STEM Workforce Development
Program. Looking forward, I hope to take my passion for emergency management into the
workforce with a focus on either fires, aviation, meteorology, or space weather. Outside of
the academic and vocational realm, my biggest inspiration would be my family. Every time a
large decision came into my life my parents were right by my side to help me through it. I
look forward to sharing the dedication, motivation, love, and grit they instilled in me towards
the rest of the world. My brothers both have curated unique careers for themselves out of
their passions and individual strengths, and I look forward to blazing my own path similarly to
them. Finally, emergency management has the potential to create opportunities and
protection for those who truly need it. I look forward to creating a legacy of empathy, love,
and empowerment in this field.

Highlights (from courses/internship/research):

The summer of 2023 was packed with highlights from various opportunities. During my time
at the CHEER HUB, my first highlight would be the experience of finding yourself in an entirely
new environment. During my internship, I was sent from my hometown in New Jersey to
Delaware and North Carolina. Everyone that surrounded me was from different academic
disciplines, were at different points in their education, had different values, had different
ethnic backgrounds, and had beautifully unique perspectives. At first, this was deterring but
the amount of difference between us all created a strong, open-minded, and multidisciplinary
collection of ideas and research that proved beneficial to the overarching CHEER HUB goal of
community inclusion and resilience.

At Millersville one of my highlights would be the connection created with professors. In high
school being close to your teacher wasn’t a connection I focused on but in college, it has been
one of the best decisions. Two professors who particularly helped me are Dr. Hagelgans and
Dr. Yalda. Both have provided advice for classes, career alignment, and involvement
opportunities. They have been a guiding light and I look forward to working with them more
as I dive deeper into this field. 

Takeaway (from courses/internship/research):

A huge takeaway from my courses, internships, and research has been the importance of
different perspectives. We all grow up with certain views, values, and ideas. When we decide
on a career path we start to hone in and develop our mindset on one particular perspective.
But there are so many other valid, beneficial, and powerful viewpoints out there. So never
ever close your mind off from others who look, think, act, or feel differently than you because
they may be a key to a better world.

Advice (for incoming freshman in your shoes):

Speak Up – College is a brand new experience and it is okay to feel a little confused and
scared sometimes. Just remember there are always others who feel the same way and
resources on campus for you. If you ever need help never hesitate to talk to your professors,
get a tutor, go to therapy, talk to your friends, or talk to your family. You have a beautiful
network of those who want to see you succeed, make sure to use it!

Get Involved – There is a lot to see and do on campus so make sure to attend events, join
clubs, and have fun! It is a chance to take your mind off of classes and make new lasting
connections. This also goes for opportunities, internships, and jobs! Getting involved on
campus looks good on a resume, will help professors remember your name, and may lead
you to job and internship offerings along the way.

Look For Difference – The days of thinking alike are over. The world is full of people who
don’t think like you, don’t look like you, and don’t agree with you. Learn to embrace
difference rather than fight it. Because when you open your mind to others you create a path
to success, friendship, and problem-solving.

Aspirations (upon graduation):

Upon graduating, I would love to work for a public sector emergency management agency.
Currently the mitigation and preparedness side of emergency management interests me most
and I hope to concentrate on fire, aviation, meteorology, or space weather. With this major I
want to make an impact that will outlive me, and nothing will stop me from achieving that.

Scholarships awarded while attending Millersville University

  • Millersville: MU Presidential Fellow Scholarship
  • Millersville: NSF S-STEM Scholarship
  • NJEPA: NJEPA Memorial Scholarship