Olivia Rozenberg

OliviaName: Olivia Rozenberg

Hometown: Cinnaminson, NJ 

Anticipated graduation: May of 2025 

Major(s): Occupational Safety and Environmental Health 

Minor: Applied Engineering, Environmental Hazards and Emergency Management 


  • Currently a safety intern at Warfel Construction 
    • Work with the safety committee 
    • Conduct job site visits and ensure they are OSHA compliant  
    • Organize and develop training for OSHA-10 hour course 
    • Communicate with staff about corrections and create a plan for the future 
    • Fill out safety audits 
  • Developed research on construction exoskeletons. 
    • “Are Construction Exoskeletons the future of Construction Safety and Health?"  
    • Presented this research at the ASSP Region VI PDC Conference 
      • Placed first in the undergraduate category and second overall  
    • Will be presented at the Pennsylvania Governor’s Occupational Safety and Health Conference 


Inspirations (for major, research, internship):          

           The inspiration for my major came out from my inability to be a doctor funny enough! I developed a fear of blood in high school after my mom cut her hand on a kitchen knife. I did not initially come to Millersville for OSEH, I was a technology education major. While that was a wonderful major, I found a love for safety while taking the introductory class with Dr. Bowers. I really enjoyed what I was learning and seeing how many opportunities were in this career, I realized it was perfect for me. As I became more immersed in my major, it became clear to me that this was the right choice! The classes were so different than anything I had experienced before. I found myself always excited for class and ready to learn about whatever was planned for that day. OSEH has so many opportunities and the department’s classes are so diverse you are able to learn about several different careers. I have always had a very logistical brain, and with Occupational safety there is so much to learn about so many different things. After joining ASSP, I met my current manager, Jason, who worked at a local general contractor as a Safety director. He was looking for an intern, and on a whim, I sent him my resume. After a few interviews, I found myself on the first day of orientation for Warfel Construction and absolutely loved it.  

           The idea for my project actually came from my internship as the company was extremely interested in investing in exoskeletons at the time and asked me to conduct research for the operations team. I spent the summer developing a presentation for them to break down the purpose of exoskeletons and even was able to further my research by conducting interviews with several of our field staff. 

Highlights (from courses/internship/research):     

           Some of my favorite highlights from the internship was the ability to travel. I was given the opportunity several times to travel to our sites down in Virginia and Delaware and thoroughly enjoyed it. It was always a fun time on job sites (even though the field staff may not enjoy safety). One of my favorite memories was probably that one foreman would always give me popsicles in hopes that I would not ding him for anything. The company I work for feels like a family and quite honestly treat their interns like human beings rather than the servants who get you coffee. 

           Some of my favorite classroom experiences would definitely be fire prevention. The class labs consisted of setting different things on fire and understanding how to put them out. The class taught a lot about how fire works, the components, and standards associated with fires from associations such as the NFPA. Generally, all of the classes have a sense of uniqueness to them which made them just as interesting and exciting! 

           My biggest highlight from my research was the ability to present and compete at a conference. I had the opportunity to travel down to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina where I presented my research against 8 graduate students. During this conference I was able to make several connections with safety professionals all over ASSP Region VI. I met so many phenomenal people who guided me throughout the conference and continue to offer me career advice. I’m excited to continue to share my findings as it is something I am passionate about and want everyone who will listen to know about. 

Takeaway (from courses/internship/research):

           Probably the biggest take away from my courses, internship and project is that connections and networking is so incredibly important. When you know someone, it makes all the difference. It’s so vital to be making these connections while in college. When you are out interviewing, you will find in reality, it is a small world. I have met so many amazing people over the last year who are involved in different scopes of safety and have opened my eyes to the variety of opportunities in the field. I have attended a few conferences now in which I had the opportunity to go to breakout sessions and learn from experts in their fields, and then meet them.  

I have never heard of Occupational Safety until I came to Millersville and am so glad that I have. It’s opened a door I never thought I would be able to go through! 

Advice (for incoming freshman in your shoes):

           My biggest piece of advice is to GET INVOLVED! Getting involved is probably the most important thing besides your studies. In high school I always was involved then, but when I came to Millersville, in the spring semester I went through recruitment, and I joined Alpha Sigma Tau. Alpha Sigma Tau has probably been one of the most amazing things I have ever been involved in. By my second semester in the organization, I became the Vice President of Operations, and it taught me so much about time management, organization and leadership. The semester after that I became President and that is where I am currently at. One of the most important things about our organization is philanthropy. Over the past few semesters, I have had the opportunity to volunteer at Habitat for Humanity. Habitat is such an eye opening but one of the most rewarding experiences. This semester, we were able to donate feminine products to the Clare House in Lancaster City. The Clare House is a domestic violence shelter in which my girls were able to help clean rooms, organize donations, and clean toys. It was an incredibly rewarding experience as well. These are two of our local philanthropies that mean so much to us. We do events around campus such as fundraising for our chapter or philanthropy fundraisers as well. 

Another amazing opportunity I got involved in is the American Society of Safety Professionals at Millersville. I joined shortly after I changed my major and learned a lot about the possible future of my career. ASSP also helps with professional development which is so important in the real world! ASSP has given me the opportunity to travel to conferences and represent our organization as well. We also do events on campus to showcase our organization, and gauge interest. This organization provides so many opportunities for training, professional development, learning and leadership. 

 Aspirations (upon graduation):

            I hope to go to law school after college and practice injury law. If not, I would love to get my master's in safety engineering and work to get my CSP. 

What has been the most significant and/or exciting aspect of your work?

            Definitely the amount of learning you do. If it was my choice, I’d stay in school forever and learn but you don’t get the hands-on experience that is associated with actually working. I have loved learning about construction safety, and there is still so much to learn. I also loved that I was able to apply what I have been learning in school to my work. I loved being outside in the summer and learning about the type of equipment used on job sites as well as materials. I had never been the type to get my hands dirty, but I really enjoyed working in construction this summer. I was hired part time until I return again next summer! 

 Scholarships awarded while attending Millersville University

  • Presidential Scholarship 
  • NIOSH Student Scholarship 
  • S.C. Holman Scholarship x2 recipient 
  • Enrico Quarantelli Scholarship