COVID-19 Resource Plan

Campus Wide Initiatives

Several adjustments to spaces and service around campus have been made to help facilitate the safe return to campus. These adjustment will continue to be evaluated throughout the semester to ensure compliance with the latest CDC guidelines.

HVAC System Operations

Insert HVAC strategy.

Custodial Services

Insert Housekeeping services

  • Common Areas & Atrium

    Seating should be arranged or removed to enable 6-foot separation and to prevent groups from congregating. If the furniture is movable, the area will have to be reviewed periodically to ensure the table and chairs are not being rearranged and placed close together. 

    Classrooms have been arranged to allow for social distancing. University members may access the COVID seating chart by contacting facilities at

  • Building Doors & Windows

    While it has been suggested that fresh air should be maximized for COVID-19 response, keeping building doors and windows open present additional problems such as security, pests, and interference with HVAC system operations. The HVAC systems are being optimized to support COVID-19 response, and to perform efficiently, doors and windows should remain closed. Opening windows also allows unfiltered air that contains dust, allergens, and mold to enter a space causing problems for susceptible individuals.

  • Restrooms

    Restrooms will be a focus area for high use disinfection throughout each day. Efforts are underway to install soap & hand sanitation dispensers as quickly as possible.  Currently, there is no plan to limit or reduce the existing occupancy of any restroom.

  • Drinking Fountains

    Except for drinking fountains with a touch-free bottle filler, all traditional drinking fountains are in the process of being disabled until further notice. There are over XXX traditional drinking fountains across E&G buildings. Facilities Management is working to replace at least XX during the beginning of the fall semester based on a prioritization and equitable plan. The remaining traditional drinking fountains will be replaced with bottle fill stations over the next several months.

  • Sanitation Stations

    Sanitization stations are in the process of being placed at all major entrances, most elevator lobbies, and in most classrooms. Additional stations may be requested as needed by entering a work order via SchoolDude.

  • Physical Barriers

    Request for Plexiglas barriers will need to be reviewed by EHS; Gail Fellows. Once approved, Gail will submit the work order via SchoolDude. Requests made without EHS approval will be declined. 

    The critria on which EHS will approve will be prioritized on locations where no option exists for physical distancing and interaction with others is required on a frequent basis such as teller locations, service department counters, or information desks. The requested location must be one that routinely interacts with people for extended periods of time and where a 6 foot separation cannot be maintained or routinely interacts with multiple people throughout the day and there are no alternatives to the direct interaction.