Construction Bid Opportunities

Construction Bids

Effective January 2013, all Construction Bidding will be facilitated through PASSHE’s eProcurement Exchange. Bidders MUST register online at PASSHE’s eProcurement Exchange to review and/or respond to any open solicitation. 

Registration is a one-time no cost process that takes only a few minutes.  Bidders obtain all solicitation documents  all questions and answers  receive notification of document updates, and submit confidential proposals all online.  PASSHE’s eProcurement Exchange provides proposal privacy, security and supplier confidentiality, while streamlining the overall procurement process. Be sure to follow all University requirements, as outlined in the project specific bid documents.

The eBid system is user friendly and includes a User Guide, QuickStart Guide for Vendors, Video Tutorials, and Help Documents.

Register as a Vendor – Register only once, a free process that takes only a few minutes.  Set up your company account right in the eBid system.  Identify categories that define the products and services that your company provides.  You will then be notified of bid opportunities. 

Documents may be downloaded directly to your computer.  This makes it easy to share with your suppliers and subcontractors.

Questions – by clicking on the “Questions” tab, you can see all questions that have been asked and answered related to a solicitation.  You can ask questions directly through the eBid system.  When the university answers the question, both the question and answer is e-mailed directly to all bidders.

Confidentiality of Identity – When questions are asked and answered, bidder identity is not disclosed to other bidders.

Bidders (Planholders) List – When you download a document, you are automatically added to the list of Bidders.  This list is available to all.

Sealed Bid Confidentiality – The confidentiality of the sealed bid system is a cornerstone of the system.  At no time before the Bid Opening can anyone see your electronic bid.   Only users with online access to your company can add, edit or withdraw an electronic bid from your firm. 

Submitting and Updating Bids – You may submit and update your bid anytime up to the bid due date and time.    You may be required to upload documents and attach them to your bid.

Bid Results / Awards – This information will be displayed for the public to view.