MBE/WBE Participation Requirements

MBE/WBE Participation Requirements


This program is applicable to all maintenance, repair, alteration, or improvements to existing, and new construction projects.
Minority and women owed businesses certified by the Department of General Services will be preapproved and are acceptable to the System as MBE/WBE firms. Contractors may also submit other minority and women owned businesses that other states have certified or by other duly constituted public bodies.

Proactive Effort Policy

Nonminority contractors will solicit proactively and encourage Certified Minority Business and Women Business Enterprises to submit competitive written bids or quotes for System facility projects. The University further requires all nonminority bidders to document such proactive effort.

Certified minority Business and Women Business Enterprises are encouraged to submit bid proposals directly as prime contractors. As MBE/WBE firms, they are not required to provide any documentation regarding proactive solicitation.

It is important to note that the MBE/WBE provisions of the regulations are unique to State System of Higher Education contracts. It is expected that responsive responsible bidders must proactively make a reasonable effort to seek and incorporate a reasonable proportion of participation of certified minority and women business enterprises in each facilities project.


The Construction Contracting Office will review the documentation submitted and perform evaluations which will determine whether or not proactive solicitation and subsequent commitments were made which total the reasonable effort award amount or for which acceptable reasonable explanations were provided.

If accepted by the certified MBE/WBE firm, commitments made at the time of receipt of bids must be maintained throughout the term of the contract, unless a change in commitment to these firms is preapproved by the System.

Program details are included in each bid packet.