Procurement Regulations

General Information

Millersville University engages construction firms to perform new construction, as well as perform renovations and maintenance to existing buildings on campus.  The Construction Procurement department manages the contracts that document the agreements with contractors and other professional firms. 

The Commonwealth Procurement Code, Act 57 of 1988 dictates the method of awarding contracts.  As a general practice, contracts are awarded through competitive sealed bidding. 

Commonwealth Procurement Code - Act 57 establishes the statutory limitations and provisions for all procurement activities for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  All procurement of goods, supplies, services and construction for the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education must conform to the polices, procedures and statutory limitations as set forth in Act 57.  The provisions of the Act apply to the State System as a state-affiliated entity such as the State System of Higher Education.  

Adherence to the following policies and conditions apply to all purchases, regardless of dollar amount:

  • Act 57 of 1998, known as the Commonwealth Procurement Code
  • Board Of Governors Policies:
    • 1998-04, Procurement of Goods, Services, Supplies and Construction
    • 1998-04-A, Delegation of authority for Undertaking Design, construction, Repair, Renovation, and Maintenance Projects
    • 1990-07-A, Professional Services Contracting

Small Procurement Projects $20,100.00 or Less


  • Projects in excess of $21,000.00 must be publicly advertised, competitively bid and awarded to the lowest, responsive and responsible bidder.  Some projects may be designated to be contracted through Individual Work Orders issued from previously awarded Open-end Contracts.
  • The Contract Specialist is responsible for determining the method of source selection and public notice to be given for each procurement to ensure competition and the best price for the University.
  • Multiple awards to separate prime contractors (as per the Separations Act for Plumbing, HVAC, and Electrical Construction) are required for projects greater than $25,000.00.