Maintenance Operations

About Us

The Maintenance & Operations Branch provides a variety of services to the campus community seven days a week and twenty-four hours a day through scheduled and on-call staff. The department includes general maintenance, automotive maintenance, moving crew and daily operations. All of our shops are responsible for preventive maintenance according to their expertise.  

Our goal is to provide the physical environment and support services necessary to conduct teaching and service activities through professional management of the design, construction, and maintenance of the buildings, grounds, and infrastructure of the University.

Main Office Contact: x7875 -

Mindy Lefever -   

Kayla Rankin -

Below are the maintenance departments and what services we offer.  

Carpentry Shop

The carpentry shop commonly provides services in the following areas, painting, removing/hanging pictures, door related issues, flooring/ceiling tiles, etc. This department also includes our campus locksmith, with whom key request forms are required. 

Interim Carpentry Shop Foreman: Dave Schober - x7045 - 

Locksmith: Kevin Dougherty - x7048 -

Electrical Shop

The electrical shop maintains and operates low to high voltage electrical systems for the University.  They are responsible for the electrical infrastructure including building electrical systems, lighting, emergency power generations, temporary power for events, and Athletic score boards.

High Voltage Electrical Shop Foreman: William Rockey - x5732 - 

Campus elevators, fire alarm systems and handicap accessible door operators issues. - Corinne Dyer- x7044 -

Automotive Shop

Our automotive shop services and maintains over 100 vehicles that are used by faculty and staff to carry out operational functions. We currently have 8 vehicles that are available to the campus community through a reservation process: 6: 7 person minivans, 1: handicap accessible van, 1: cargo van. The automotive shop also provide the following services: monitors fuel usage, performs required routine inspections, keeps vehicles and grounds equipment running effectively. 

Automotive Shop Foreman: Frank Baer - x7096 -

Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning

The HVAC shop services and maintains all of the heating and air conditioning systems on campus. They work directly on our Building Automation System that controls equipment, building temperatures from anywhere on campus. 

HVAC Shop Manager: John Halton - x4328 -

Plumbing Shop

The plumbing shop is responsible for the operation of the water and sewage systems, boilers, furnaces in all the campus houses and the academic buildings. Within our plumbing shop we also have a Chief of Water Treatment Operator that maintains the water quality of the campus pools and drinking fountains.

Plumbing Shop Foreman: David McCredie - x5734 -

Water Treatment Operator: Glenn Henry - x7867 - 

Moving Crew

The moving crew is responsible for delivery of tables and chairs for campus events, movement of furniture and assets from one location on campus to another, pick up of shedding material, etc. 

Please note a Moving Request is NOT entered the same as a Work Order. Use the link below to enter move request. 

Moving Crew: Tyler Moses 

Move Request

Grounds Crew

The grounds crew is responsible for maintaining 250 acres of University grounds. Our groundskeepers, equipment operators and supervisory staff are dedicated to providing exceptional service in many areas such as: lawn/turf maintenance, landscaping (including watering, weeding, insect control and trimming), tree care, athletic field maintenance, snow/trash/leaf removal, road/parking/sidewalk repairs, etc. 

Grounds Supervisor: Seth Taylor - x5000 -