Maintenance Services & Trades

Facilities Management Office

Name: Gregory Black
Title: Director of Maintenance and Operations
Tel: 717-871-7875

Name: Kayla Rankin
Title: Management Technician 
Tel: 717-871-7875

Carpentry Shop

Responsible for carpentry repairs and installations. This shop also does fabrications and small construction projects.

Name: Dave Schober
Title: Building Maintenance Foreman 
Tel: 717-871-7045

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Shop

Responsible for the maintenance and operations of all building heating, ventilation and air conditioning distribution systems. Monitors energy usage on the campus.

Name: John Halton
Title: HVAC Manager
Tel: 717-871-4328

Plumbing Shop

Responsible for the operation of the water and sewage systems at the University. Operates the water pumping and treatment facilities. Maintains the water quality of the University's pools. Maintains the boilers and furnaces in the campus houses and many academic buildings.

Name: Dave McCredie
Title: Plumbing Foreman
Tel: 717-871-5734

Name: Glenn Henry
Title:  Chief Water Operator
Tel: 717-871-7867

Electrical Shop

Responsible for the maintenance and operation of the campus electrical systems.

Name: William Rockey
Title: High Voltage Electrical Foreman
Tel: 717-871-5732

2nd Shift Maintenance

Responsible for all evening shift (6p.m. - 2a.m.) repairs.

Name: Keith Andrews
Title: MR2
Tel: 717-871-4636 and asked them to page Keith for emergencies after hours.


Responsible for the maintenance repair and upkeep of all University vehicles, automotive equipment and generators.

Name: Frank Baer
Title: Garage Supervisor
Tel: 717-871-7096

Moving Crew

Responsible for the movement of furniture and personnel on campus.

Name: Tyler Moses
Title: Supervisor
Tel: 717-871-4338