Current Honors College Students

Curriculum Planning Sheet - New Look!

The curriculum requirements are the same; the Curriculum Planning Sheet has a new, easier-to-read look!

Curriculum Planning Sheet

Honors Credit in the Major

The Honors in the Major Policy enables students to take 2 courses in their major for Honors credit after they have earned 12 Honors credits.  Click on the link below to get the forms. 

Honors Credit in the Major

National Scholarships

In addition to MU scholarships, there are many national scholarship opportunities. The NCHC website lists many of the available national scholarships.

National Scholarships at NCHC

Congratulations Adam!!

weiner,-adam.jpgAdam Weiner, a May 2020 graduate with a B.S. in Meteorology and minors in Mathematics and Environmental Hazards and Emergency Management has been awarded a Phi Kappa Phi Fellow and an NCHC 2020 Portz Scholar.  Adam plans to start graduate school for atmospheric science in Fall 2020, focusing his research on severe thunderstorms and tornadoes.

This fellowship program is administered by The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi and is for members only. Since I was inducted into the Millersville University Chapter in Spring 2019, I looked online at to learn about the benefits and awards made available to members and came upon the annual graduate fellowship awards (58 in total, see for more details).

Adam was selected as one of four students for the 2020 Portz Scholars in the National Collegiate Honors Council's annual competition for outstanding undergraduate honors papers.  Adam receives a stipend and a certificate from the NCHC.

States Adam, "I am very proud to represent the Millersville University Chapter and my field of study as one of the recipients of this Fellowship and I hope to inspire other Phi Kappa Phi members at MU who are planning to attend graduate school to apply for this awards program in the future." 

Congratulations Cameron!

mu-gonteski.jpgCameron Gonteski, a sophomore majoring in Meteorology, with minors in Environmental Hazards & Emergency Management and Mathematics has been awarded a prestigious NOAA Hollings Scholarship.

Named after Senator Ernest F. Hollings of South Carolina, the NOAA Hollings Scholarship provides undergraduate students with academic assistance of up to $9,500 per year for two years of full-time study, as well as a 10-week, full-time paid ($700/week) internship at a NOAA facility during the summer between junior and senior year. (this is taken from the NOAA website)


Cameron states, "The Hollings scholarship is a tremendous opportunity that will open up the doors for me in the meteorology field as a student. The internship will allow me to really use what I have learned in the classroom with real-world applications, as well as provide me with research for my honors thesis. This scholarship will also allow me to attend conferences to present my Hollings research. All of these experiences will help me grow as a Millersville meteorology student, allowing me to be well-rounded in my knowledge and experience."

Congratulations Alyssa!

Alyssa Ames, a senior Mathematics Education major with a minor in pyschology has been awarded The Schock Fellowship.
This fellowship is a huge help financially because it covers the vast majority of my senior year tuition cost. With this scholarship, I am able to save money for graduate school as I hope to further my education after graduating with my bachelor’s next spring and pursue a master’s degree in school counseling and/or educational administration. 
The Clarence Schock Foundation is a phenomenal non-profit organization whose mission is dedicated to promoting activities centered around public education, literary and scientific purposes with emphasis on community involvement, academic achievement, public service,  and environmental preservation. 
I am so humbled to receive this award especially since I am responsible for the entirety of my college education costs. I am extremely grateful. 

Congratulations Adam!

mu-loving.jpgAdam Loving, a Junior Art major has been awarded the Joseph and Marianne Nolt Family Scholarship Endowment.

This endowment will be used as a research grant for his Honors Thesis, as it can be used for either tuition or research purposes. The guidelines give priority to a rising Junior with a minimum CGPA of 3.0 and studying in early or middle level education, but the guidelines can be expanded if needed.

Adam states, "I was able to apply for it thanks to Dr. Leslie Gates (my Art Education professor and my thesis advisor) sending me a list of grants that I could use for my thesis. The majority of the application process was writing an explanation of why you think you need the award, and how you would spend the funds. I'm making a comic book centered around the Italian Renaissance for my thesis, so the grant is for any supplies I will need to create it, as well as a fee to eventually self-publish the book." 

Senior Thesis Help

The senior Honors thesis is the culmination of the Honors College experience at MU. It is also required to graduate in the program. We have gathered together some resources, which should be helpful to those currently pulling out their hair trying to finish their thesis and to those who should be thinking about starting it.

If you would like to see physical examples of past Honors theses, they are available in Franklin House to view although they may not leave the building.