Current Honors College Students

Curriculum Planning Sheet

The curriculum requirements are the same; the Curriculum Planning Sheet has a new, easier-to-read look!

Curriculum Planning Sheet

Honors by Contract

The Honors by Contract Policy enables students to take 2 courses in their major for Honors credit after they have earned 9 Honors credits.  Click on the link below to get the forms. 

Honors by Contract

National Scholarships

In addition to MU scholarships, there are many national scholarship opportunities. The NCHC website lists many of the available national scholarships.

National Scholarships at NCHC

22-23 Community Service

Congratulations to all of the Honors College students who completed community service hours! With your efforts, the Honors College reported over 3,000 hours of volunteerism! What an amazing accomplishment!

Special kudos to our top volunteers:

  • Kyle Nazachuk - 1090 hours
  • Claire DeVinney - 188 hours
  • Julianna Davi - 135 hours

You are all to be congratulated for your commitment to our community.

Congratulations Madison Whitcomb!

Student Trustee Madison WhitcombCongratulations Madison for being appointed the Student Trustee.

"The Student Trustee is appointed by the Governor of PA to hold the highest student service position at each PASSHE University. Once officially sworn in, the Student Trustee sits on the respective University's Council of Trustees with 10 other Trustees that vote and advise on all University matters/decisions. As Millersville University's Student Trustee, I am responsible for being the liaison between the Administration, SGA, and MU students. Furthermore, the Student Trustee is also a voting member of the Programs Committee and could be asked to sit on other committees as needed. As Student Trustee, I will be responsible for regular meetings with SGA executives, the President, members of the President's Cabinet, and attending all Council of Trustee meetings. As a member of the Honors College, I know there are many students in the program that would thrive in the role of Student Trustee. Please reach out if you have any questions or want to learn more!"

Senior Thesis Help

The senior Honors thesis is the culmination of the Honors College experience at MU. It is also required to graduate in the program. We have gathered together some resources, which should be helpful to those currently pulling out their hair trying to finish their thesis and to those who should be thinking about starting it.

If you would like to see physical examples of past Honors theses, they are available in Franklin House to view although they may not leave the building.