Student Testimonials

Student Testimonials

These testimonials are to show you what it looks like to be an Honors student. Because some of the students may have graduated, their year and expected graduation semester are included so you can still see what opportunities were available to them at that point in their lives. Each student has wonderful stories to tell both about the University and the Honors organization! This page shows a brief introduction for each student, so if you want to see more, click the link next to their picture. Students are also organized alphabetically by first name.

Honors Students at a Glance


Name: Leah Paris Freeman

Hometown: Saylorsburg PA in the Poconos
Major: English with a Concentration in Writing Studies
Minor: ESL Linguistics and Psychology

Semester of Graduation: December 2021



 Michael Skros

Name: Michael Skros

Major: Emergency Management & Geography

Minor: Economics

Semester of Graduation: Fall 2021



Kristen Hart

Name: Kristen Hart

Major: BS in Applied Engineering & Technology Management with a concentration in Graphic Communication Technology

Semester of Graduation: Spring 2020



Rachel Kunicki

Name: Rachel Winger

Major: English with a minor in Print Media Studies

Year: Alumni

Semester of Graduation: Spring 2016



Jonathan Wilkins

Name: Jonathon Wilkins

Major: Computer Science

Minor: Mathematics

Semester of Graduation: Fall 2021



Timothy Keebler

Name: Timothy Keebler

Major: Meteorology

Minors: Mathematics; Heliophysics and Space Weather

Year: Senior

Expected Semester of Graduation: Spring 2019