Honors Living-Learning Community

What is the Honors LLC?

The Honors Living-Learning Community (Honors LLC) is housed in South Village's C & D wings on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th floors.  This is an area of campus housing dedicated specifically to Honors College students.  All incoming freshmen are required to live in the Honors LLC during their first year.  Following the first year, Honors students may choose to remain in the Honors LLC or select other housing options.  Participation in the Honors LLC facilitates a smooth transition from high school to college life.  Residing with like-minded students is shown to increase students' success during the first year of college and provides opportunities for study groups and collaboration on class work.

“"The Honors College Living Learning Community in South Village helps Honors students build friendships and connections with their peers. Living among other students who you attend class, clubs, community service, and other events with creates a strong sense of community. Many students utilize the various common areas in South to study together, work on group projects, or to just hang out. I’ve met so many great people by simply hanging out in the lounge while doing my homework!" ”

- Michael Skros | Former Peer Mentor

South Village

Drone footage of South Village, home of the Honors College LLC. Produced by Honors College student Elias Peluso.

Virtual Tour of South Village Dorms

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