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Thank You for Your Support of our Students

The Honors College offers our Honors students the opportunities to enhance their MU education while earning their degree. Honors students are required to earn 25 Honors credits as part of the required 120 credits for degree completion. Honors students can earn the Honors credits by taking Honors courses, completing Honors by Contract option and completing a thesis or creative project.  We are always looking for faculty interested in teaching Honors courses or serving on theses committees.  

If you have questions about our requirements, the Honors by Contract option or the thesis process, please feel free to contact the Honors College Director, Dr. Charlton Wolfgang at or Administrative Assistant, Kereah Keller at 

Honors Curriculum Planning

Honors students are required to complete 25 Honors credits as part of the 120 credits required for degree completion. Please refer to the Honors College Curriculum Planning Sheet for assistance with advising honors students.

Honors Curriculum Sheet

Honors by Contract

One avenue for Honors students to complete the required Honors credits is the Honors by Contract. The Honors student asks a professor if they would be willing to add additional "honors level" assignments (research, paper, etc.) to a...

Honors by Contract form