Michael Skros

Michael Skros

Full Name: Michael Skros

HomeTown: West Chester, PA

Major: Emergency Management & Geograpy

Minor: Economics

Semester of Graduation: Fall 2021

Future Plans: I will be moving to begin a full-time job with Amazon as a Workplace Health & Safety Specialist in Breinigsville, PA. I also plan to begin working on a Graduate Degree in Emergency Management & Homeland Security.

I joined the Honors College because I wanted to make the most of my time at Millersville. Not only did the Honors College offer additional academic opportunities but also a great built-in community.

How has the Honors College shaped your experience at Millersville University?

The Honors College has shaped my experience because it has allowed me to stand-out and diversify my academic experiences. In particular, the thesis has allowed me to distinguish myself among other graduates and pursue a study in a specific and unique topic of interest.

What was your favorite honors course? Why?

My favorite Honors course and professor was probably Fundamentals of Speech with Dr. Wood. While the class was challenging and even frustrating at times, it absolutely improved my public speaking skills and increased my confidence.

What was your favorite honors professor? Why?

Naturally, Dr. Maxwell, the professor who taught History of Ideas, is my favorite honors professor, then. He is very calm and collected, and always has some interesting things to say, whether it be a new perspective or a very dry piece of humor.

What leadership roles have you had on campus?

I have been on the executive boards of the Honors College Student Association (Public Relations Officer & VP) and International Association of Emergency Managers (Secretary). I have also worked as the Honors College Peer Mentor from 2019-2021.

What community service events have you completed while in the honors college? 

In the Honors College I have completed numerous community service events including several open houses, Made in Millersville preparation, and 5 Days of Caring.

What advice would you give to incoming Freshman?

The biggest piece of advice I would give to incoming freshman is to get involved early and don’t stop expanding your circle of peers. Keep making friends and meeting new people. Don’t be afraid to step out of your social circle!