Rachel Winger

Rachel Winger

Full Name: Rachel Winger

Major: English with a minor in Print Media

Year: Alumni

Semester of Graduation: Spring 2016

My name is Rachel Winger and I graduated from Millersville in 2016 with a B.A. in English and a minor in Print Media Studies. It's incredible to realize it's been 5+ years since leaving MU, but also humbling to recognize how much the Honors College impacted my life. The culture of finding new ways to learn and grow stuck with me, undoubtedly benefitting my career and personal life. I work as an Editor for WebMD, enjoy countless camping/hiking excursions with my husband, and can't wait for all the adventures to come with our new puppy! My biggest takeaway from the Honors College: If you can survive Dr. Maxwell's class, you can thrive in the post-college world.ue dates.