School Counseling Program Plan of Work

Required Coursework

In addition to the required classes, students in the Masters of Education School Counseling program are required to complete a Core Competency Project during their time at Millersville University. This project will culminate in a research-based presentation to the faculty of the School Counseling program upon near-completion of the Master's level coursework.


  • Psychology courses (6 semester hours)

Master of Education (39 s.h.)

Download the fillable PDF Plan of Work for further details

 Professional Core Area (6 semester hours)

Choose one of the following:

  • EDFN 601- Methods of Research
  • *PSCY 612- Research Design & Statistical Analysis

Choose one of the following:

  • EDFN 511- Comparative Education
  • EDFN 590- Social Foundations of Education
  • EDFN 603- Philosophy of Education
  • EDFN 604- Education and Public Policy

*Recommended for licensure

Phase I Core (15 semester hours)

  • SCCN 525 - Introduction to Professional School Counseling
  • PSYC 530- Child Development within the Family System
  • SCCN 612- Study of the Individual
  • SCCN 621- Counseling Theory & Practice I
  • SCCN 645- Career Development

Phase II Core (12 semester hours)

  • SCCN 622- Group Procedures in Counseling
  • SCCN 630- Multi-Cultural Counseling
  • SCCN 631- Appraisal Techniques
  • SCCN 651- Counseling Theory & Practice II

Phase III Core (6 semester hours)

  • SCCN 657- Brief Counseling
  • SCCN 671- Guidance Program Development

Certification in School Counseling (9-12 semester hours)

  • PSYC 540- Classroom Intervention
  • PSYC 646- Consultation
  • SPED 600- Orientation to Special Education
  • 6-9 credits of Field Experience. See below

Field Experience

The Practicum is a semester-long, 100-hour field experience. Plan to spend 7-8 hours weekly during the Fall semester at your Practicum site. 

  • SCCN 665- School Counseling Practicum

For those students pursuing certification, the Internship is a semester-long (or two semester-long), 420-hour field experience. Plan to spend 20-30 hours weekly at your internship site.

For those students pursuing licensure, the requirement is a 600-hour field experience. This can be attained by taking SCCN 675 & SCCN 676 or SCCN 641. 

  • SCCN 675- Internship 1: School Counseling
  • SCCN 676- Internship 2: School Counseling/Licensure or SCCN 641- Supervised Experience in Higher Education and Community Agencies 

Licensure Track

For those students seeking licensure as a licensed professional counselor (LPC), please plan to hold graduation until 48 credits have been earned. After graduating, students will need to take an additional 12 credits to meet the education requirements for state licensure (60 total). The following courses might be taken to fulfill this requirement:
  **SCCN 625 – Ethics and Law in School Counseling
  PSYC 646 – Consultation
  PSYC 526 – Advanced Adolescent Psychology 
   **PSYC 625 – Human Lifespan Development 
  PSYC 675 – Applications of Biopsychology

**Required for students pursuing licensure