School Counseling Program Plan of Work

Required Coursework

In addition to the required classes, students in the Masters of Education School Counseling program are required to complete a Core Competency Project during their time at Millersville University. This project will culminate in a research-based presentation to the faculty of the School Counseling program upon near-completion of the Master's level coursework.


  • Psychology courses (6 semester hours)

Master of Education (39 s.h.)

Professional Core Area (6 semester hours)

Choose one of the following:

  • EDFN 601- Methods of Research
  • PSCY 612- Research Design & Statistical Analysis

Choose one of the following:

  • EDFN 511- Comparative Education
  • EDFN 590- Social Foundations of Education
  • EDFN 603- Philosophy of Education
  • EDFN 604- Education and Public Policy

Phase I Core (15 semester hours)

  • SCCN 525 - Introduction to Professional School Counseling
  • PSYC 530- Child Development within the Family System
  • SCCN 612- Study of the Individual
  • SCCN 621- Counseling Theory & Practice I
  • SCCN 645- Career Development

Phase II Core (12 semester hours)

  • SCCN 622- Group Procedures in Counseling
  • SCCN 630- Multi-Cultural Counseling
  • SCCN 631- Appraisal Techniques
  • SCCN 651- Counseling Theory & Practice II

Phase III Core (6 semester hours)

  • SCCN 657- Brief Counseling
  • SCCN 671- Guidance Program Development

Certification in School Counseling (12 semester hours)

  • PSYC 540- Classroom Intervention
  • SPED 600- Orientation to Special Education
  • PSYC 665- School Counseling Practicum
  • PSYC 675- Internship 1: School Counseling

Field Experience

The Practicum is a semester-long, 100-hour field experience. Plan to spend 7-8 hours weekly during the Fall semester at your Practicum site. 

  • SCCN 665- School Counseling Practicum

For those students pursuing certification, the Internship is a semester-long (or two semester-long), 420-hour field experience. Plan to spend 20-30 hours weekly at your internship site.

  • PSYC 675- Internship 1: School Counseling

For those students pursuing licensure, the requirement is a 600-hour field experience. This can be attained by completing 180 additional internship hours outlined in the licensure track. 

Licensure Track (9 Semester hours)

For those students seeking licensure as a licensed professional counselor (LPC), please plan to hold graduation until 51 credits have been earned. After graduating, students will need to take an additional 9 credits to meet the education requirements for state licensure (60 total). The following courses might be taken to fulfill this requirement:

  • SCCN 625 – Ethics and Law in School Counseling or PSYC 537- Ethics and Professional Practice
  • PSYC 625 – Human Growth and Development 
  • SCCN 676- Internship 2: School Counseling/Licensure or SCCN 641- Supervised Experience in Higher Education and Community Agencies