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Educational Specialist Program: School Psychology

Millersville University offers a School Psychology Educational Specialist Program approved by the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP) and designed to meet the needs of full time students in addition to those of many working professionals. Candidates earn a 30-credit Master of Science Degree in Psychology and engage in 34-credits of additional curricular experiences as they complete the 64-semester hour, post baccalaureate Educational Specialist degree and certification in school psychology in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Candidates may also transfer into the program after earning a Master's degree in Psychology or closely related field (see FAQ for more details). Upon successful completion of coursework and practicum, candidates engage in a full year, 1,200 hour internship.

The goal of the program is to prepare students for entry level positions as school psychologists in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania who will work with students in school settings. In keeping with the ecological perspective, students are prepared to affect student learning through direct assessments and interventions as well as through collaboration with families, teachers, administrators, and community liaisons. The program emphasizes best practices including the Response to Intervention (RtI) model and diversity awareness.

Features of Our Program:

  • Provides the candidate with a cross disciplinary approach involving psychology, education, and school psychology
  • Emphasizes supervised training in specific assessment, intervention, and consultation skills to serve children by using reflective and data-based decision making
  • Provides training to work with culturally, educationally, and socio-economically diverse populations
  • Promotes the development of a professional identity that is consistent with the standards, professional ethics and legal mandates that govern the roles of school psychologists
For more information about the School Psychology program, please see our Program Description, Mission, and Objectives page.


A 64 credit Ed.S. in School Psychology, including a 30 credit M.S. in Psychology. Students with a Masters in a related field may be eligible for transferring similar coursework from their prior degree, with advisor approval.

See FAQs for more info


Structured for both full-time and part-time students. Full-time students complete the program in 3 years, while part-time students complete the program in 4 years.

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Deadlines to Apply

October 1st for spring admission and January 15th for fall admission. June 1st on a space available basis for those who have missed the January deadline (fall). For specific questions, contact Dr. Lauren Kaiser, ,...

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Application Requirements

If undergraduate cumulative GPA is 3.0, no GRE scores required. 18 undergraduate semester hours in psychology, minimum GPA of 2.75, 3 letters of recommendation, autobiographical sketch, and official undergraduate transcript.

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Current Students

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School Psychology Handbook

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Supervisory Certification Program: School Psychology

For this advanced certification, applicants must have a Master's Degree or Educational Specialist Degree, Certification in School Psychology, 5 years of experience and other requirements to apply. The program consists of 4 courses (15 credits). Please see the Graduate Catalog for more information on the Supervisory Certification Program. 

Students and Staff

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  • Contact Information

    Program Coordinator:

    Dr. Lauren Kaiser
    Office: Susan P. Luek Hall 206B
    Phone: 717-871-7274 

    Psychology Department:

    111 Susan P. Luek Hall
    Millersville University
    PO Box 1002 (1 S. George St)
    Millersville, PA 17551

    Tel: (717) 871-7301
    Fax: (717) 871-7946

  • Alumni Spotlight

    Rosa DiPiazza

     Rosa DiPiazza: Rosa won the Milford School District Behavioral Health Professional of the Year Award and then went on to win the Delaware Behavioral Health Specialist of the Year Award in 2022.



    Dr. NHS headshot

    Dr. Nikole Hollins-Sims: Dr. Hollins-Sims was appointed for PDE Diversity and Inclusion Director and was awarded the 2021 Emerging Professional as part of the Outstanding Commitment to Anti-Racism in School Psychology Award from APA Division 16. Click here to learn more about this award. She also named the 2021 PA School Psychologist of the year. Click here to read more. 


    Dr. Sessoms's headshot

     Dr. Amber Sessoms: Dr. Sessoms was appointed to the Millersville University Council of Trustees in January of 2020. Click here to learn more. She has also been awarded the School Psychologist of the Year Award from ASPP. Click here to read about this award. 

  • Faculty Spotlight

                                                      Dr. Drew Hunter: Dr. Hunter was the lead author on a manuscript published in August 2022: Dr. Hunter

    Hunter, D., Boneshefski, M., Kovaleski, J. F., & Runge, T. J. (2022). Examining the Impact of Federal Specific Learning Disability Inclusionary Criteria on Multidisciplinary Team Decision Making When Using Response to Intervention. Learning Disability Quarterly. 

    Dr. Kaiser

     Dr. Lauren Kaiser: Dr. Kaiser’s Best Practices in Instructional Consultation chapter final revisions were submitted and accepted with a publication date in 2024. Dr. Kaiser also co-authored a paper published July 2022: 

    Newman, D. S., Villarreal, J. N., Gerrard, M. K., McIntire, H., Barrett, C. A., & Kaiser, L. T. (2022). Deliberate practice of consultation communication skills: A randomized controlled trial. School Psychology, 37(3), 225–235.  

  • Student Spotlight

    Bailey Gibson: Bailey won the 2021 Graduate Student of the Year Award at the Millersville Student Leadership Awards. Click here to learn more about this award. 




    Christina Powley: Christina is currently a member of the Student Editorial Board for the School Psychology Review Journal through NASP. Click here to learn more about this journal.








    Headshot danielle tDanielle Taylor: Danielle has received a scholarship to attend the Public Policy Institute through NASP, where she will advocate for shortages in the field of School Psychology with our Pennsylvania State Representatives. Danielle originally received this scholarship in 2020, but the Institute was cancelled in 2020 so her scholarship was renewed.


     Sadie Wentland: Sadie has received a scholarship to attend the Public Policy Institute through NASP, where she will advocate for shortages in the field of school psychology with our Pennsylvania State Representatives. 



    SASP MU: In 2020, SASP MU received the Outstanding New Student Organization Award at the Millersville Student Leadership Awards. In 2021, SASP MU received the EPPIIC Values Award at the Millersville University Student Leadership Awards. For more information about these awards, click here.

  • Student and Alumni Professional Presentations

    National Presentations:

    Consultation in the Real WorldDanielle Martin*, Dr. Lauren Kaiser, Christina Powley, and Dr. Paul Lords led a presentation titled, Consultation in the Real World, Before, During and After COVID-19 at NASP 2022 in Boston which covered various face-to-face and teleconsultation methods and barriers, solutions and ethical considerations related to these methods.


    Adapting The Classroom Check Up

    Dr. Lauren Kaiser presented Adapting the Classroom Check-Up; Novel Approaches to Teacher Support at NASP 2022 with students Katherine SchoenerDanielle Taylor and Sadie Wentland, and colleagues Tyler Smith, Lora Henderson, Wendy Reinke. 


    Hunter NASP

    Dr. Drew Hunter*: Dr. Hunter (Left) presented at NASP 2020 with colleagues Dr. Joseph Kovaleski (Center) and Dr. Michael Bonshefski (Right). Their presentation, Response to Intervention and Specific Learning Disabilities: Who is Eligible?, reviewed studies that analyzed the use of RTI Data when making special education decisions regarding eligibility. Dr. Hunter is currently an adjunct professor at Millersville University.


     Rosa NaspRosa DiPiazza*: Rosa led a presentation titled RTI-Based Decision Making Models for SLD Evaluation Referrals: What do we do with Progress Monitoring Data? 





    Nikole Hollins-SimsDr. Nikole Hollins-Sims*: Dr. Hollins-Sims co-presented with Dr. Kent McIntosh on Using PBIS to Ensure Racial Equity in School Discipline. This presentation covered specific strategies and free resources to increase equity in our PBIS systems. To view the recorded presentation, click here




    State Presentations:

    ASPP student presentersDr. Lauren Kaiser, Krislyn Rousseau-McGettigan*, Hannah Lombardo, Bailey Gibson, and Katie Fritz*: Dr. Kaiser, Krislyn, Hannah, Bailey, and Katie presented the Joseph French Lecture at ASPP 2020. They led a two-part session titled Instructional Consultation Part One: Supporting Teachers Amidst Unprecedented Times and Instructional Consultation Mini Skills Part Two: Closing Reading Gaps Pre and Post COVID-19. Click here to learn more about their presentations. 

    Nikole Hollins-SimsDr. Nikole Hollins-Sims*Dr. Hollins-Sims co-presented at ASPP 2020 with Dr. Dana Milakovic. Their presentation was titled Equitable Practices Through a Trauma-Informed Lens, and covered various necessary practices when engaging in equitable trauma-informed approaches. Click here to watch a recording of this presentation. 



    Dr. Erica Kaurudar

    Dr. Erica Kaurudar*: Dr. Kaurudar (Right) co-presented with Jared Campbell at ASPP 2020. Their presentation, Effective Mathematics Assessment and Intervention Practices, explored how school psychologists can support effective math instruction, assessment, and intervention. Click here to watch a recording of this presentation.


    University Presentations: 

    Sydney HeadshotSydney Murphy: Sydney's paper, A Systems-Level Approach for Mindfulness Training in Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic, was featured in the Made in Millersville Journal in 2021. Additionally, Sydney presented virtually on this same topic. Click here to learn more about Sydney, watch her presentation, and read her paper. 


    Kitt headshotKatherine Schoener: Katherine "Kitt" presented virtually at Made in Millersville with her research topic, Using the Classroom Checkup Coaching Model to Increase Student Engagement During Virtual Learning. Click here to watch Kitt's presentation.






     Danielle HeadshotDanielle Taylor: Danielle's paper, Applying Classroom-Check Up Through Teleconsultation, was featured in the Made in Millersville Journal in 2021. Additionally, Danielle presented virtually on the same topic. Click here to learn more about Danielle, watch her presentation, and read her paper. 


     Sadie headshotSadie Wentland: Sadie's paper, Utilizing the Classroom Check-Up Model Via Tele-Consultation to Increase Opportunities to Respond in Virtual and Hybrid Learning, was featured in the Made in Millersville Journal in 2021. Additionally, Sadie presented virtually on the same topic. Click here to learn more about Sadie, watch her presentation, and read her paper. 


    Bailey G HeadshotBailey Gibson: Bailey's paper, The Effectiveness of Instructional Consultation, was featured in the Made in Millersville Journal in 2020. Click here to read the paper and learn more about Bailey. 





    *Indicates a Millersville University Alumni