Transferring into The Psych Major or Minor

The Psychology Major and Minor

Students admitted to Millersville University with a major other than Psychology or with an undeclared major may apply for admission into the psychology major or psychology minor. We would like to have an open admission policy, but do not have enough faculty to offer enough courses for all who want to major or minor in psychology and still provide the courses other students need for their general education.

To be eligible to apply for admission to the psychology major or minor, students must meet the following academic standards approved by the faculty senate and administration:

  • Complete at least 15.0 credit hours at Millersville University including PSYC 100 (Passed with a C- or above).
  • Have a Millersville cumulative Quality Point Average (QPA) of at least 2.25.

Students may submit an online application for admission to the Psychology Major or Minor by following the instructions below. Applications are reviewed and approved periodically by the department chairperson. Students with strong academic credentials will be admitted earliest. Those with weaker records may have to be placed on a waiting list. We will admit as many majors and minors as we can with the resources provided to the department. Students who meet the academic standards described above will be admitted to the major or minor based on the following factors:

  • Students with high cumulative quality point averages at Millersville University will be given priority over those who have low cumulative quality point averages at Millersville University.
  • Students with high quality point averages in psychology courses completed at Millersville University will be given priority over those who have low quality point averages in psychology courses completed at Millersville University.
  • Students with a large number of total credit hours completed and a large number of psychology credit hours completed will be given priority over those who have not completed a large number of credit hours.
  • Recommendations by psychology faculty familiar with the applicants academic work will be considered.

Students who are able to take psychology courses having high academic-year demand (e.g., PSYC 211 and PSYC 227) during the summer will receive extra consideration if the course taken is one causing the bottle neck in the major or minor.

A high QPA takes precedence over the number of credits completed. If QPAs of applicants are similar, credits completed will become a factor determining admission to the major. How high the QPA must be and how many completed credits are needed for admission will depend upon the number of openings available each semester. While awaiting admission, applicants should consult psychology faculty about appropriate course selection. The Department of Psychology will strive to have a student demographic profile that is representative of the Millersville student body.

To apply for transfer in to the major or minor, please follow the instructions on the Forms Page.

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