Careers in Psychology

A Developmental career

Developmental psychologists study the patterns and causes of behavioral change as people progress through life from infancy through adulthood to old age. Developmentalists may describe, measure, and explain age-related changes in behavior, the stages of emotional development, universal traits and individual differences, and abnormal changes in development.

Areas where a developmental psychologist might work are in teaching, research, and counseling. Some may specialize in developing programs for children in day care centers, preschools, or hospitals and clinics. Other developmental psychologists may focus their attention on aging problems in programs targeted for older populations. Bachelor's and master's-level training allow for work in more applied settings such as day-care and youth programs.Consumer psychologists are industrial/organizational psychologists who are interested in consumer reactions to a company's products or services. These psychologists may be asked to determine the kind of product the public will buy, by investigating consumer's preferences for a particular package design or television commercial.