Careers in Psychology

An Educational career

Educational psychologists evaluate student and teacher needs, and design and develop programs to enhance the educational setting. Their primary concern is with the ways in which people learn, in order to design methods and materials to educate people of all ages. Educational psychologists can be found working at universities, in both psychology departments and schools of education. Some conduct basic research on the building blocks of learning, reading, writing, mathematics and science. Educational psychologists may conduct research in schools and in federal, state, and local education agencies or the corporate sector to analyze employees' skills, and to design and implement training programs.

Job opportunities for educational psychologists have thus far been concentrated in academic and educational settings, and usually require a doctoral degree. Recently, industry and the military are offering increased possibilities for individuals with doctoral degrees. These jobs are for individuals who have the ability to design and evaluate systems and to teach complex technical skills. Individuals with a master's degree have new opportunities in evaluating social problems and policies, as well.