University College

The University College is made up of affiliated offices whose missions, visions, and goals are to champion achievement, foster opportunities for personal, professional, and academic growth, and promote work/life balance for sustained success as a life-long learner. Offices in the University College provide services, resources, and experiences to support the student’s pathway to success. 

The University College is Comprised of the Following Offices:

  • Academic Advisement and Student Development

    Thinking of changing your major or are undecided?

    Millersville University's academic advisors are committed to helping you assess your interests and academic abilities using the latest technologies available. We will help you find a program that interests you and guide you along the most efficient path to the completion of that degree. 

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  • The Career Center

    Looking for an internship, want to find a mentor or are looking for a way to volunteer?

    The Career Center provides student-centered career programs, experiences and learning opportunities to assist you in achieving your personal and professional goals. 

    The Career Center helps students develop personalized plans for securing academic internships and post-graduation employment.  The Center also connects students with mentorship opportunities for personal and career development.   Services and programs for students are offered in-person and virtually. Students use the University’s comprehensive career management platform (Handshake) to make individual career coaching appointments with staff, to access employer contacts, jobs, and internship opportunities, and to register for job fairs, events, and employer interviews.. 

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  • The Center for Civic Responsibility and Leadership

    Are you looking to become an active leader in civic affairs?

    The Center for Civic Responsibility & Leadership provides student centered educational and developmental projects and activities to equip students to become participatory and active leaders in civic affairs.


    Dr. Laura Granruth, Associate Professor, Coordinator (Social Work)

    Visit the Center for civic responsibility and leadership

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  • The Center for Public Scholarship and Social Change

    Interested in social change?

    The Center for Public Scholarship & Social Change brings together teams of faculty, students, and members of the community to engage collaboratively in research for public purposes. Aiming to leverage the ability for shared research on public issues, the Center for Public Scholarship lends assistance and expertise in identifying research issues, developing research designs, collecting data, writing up results, disseminating results, and working with policymakers and practitioners to resolve issues affecting local, regional, and global communities.


    • Organize and direct focused research on public issues and develop new models, provide expertise, create linkages to support public impact activities, and help initiate and guide public policy decision making.
    • Collaborate with community organizations to define and prioritize the issues on which such research focuses.
    • Help raise the level of public awareness about and responsiveness to public issues.
    • Coordinate faculty and visitor colloquia, workshops, and conferences to bring awareness to and support the development of community-based scholarship.
    • Offer funding opportunities for individual faculty members, visitors, students, and student organizations to subsidize community-based research activities.


    Dr. Carrie Smith, Associate Professor, Coordinator (Criminology, Sociology, and Anthropology)

    Check out The Center for Public Scholarship and Social Change

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  • The Exploratory Program

    The Exploratory Program, housed in the Department of Academic Advisement & Student Development, is intended for students who are unsure which major they want to pursue or may have narrowed down their options to a few possibilities but have not yet decided on a major.

    Our mission here at Millersville is to encourage you to graduate on time while giving you the opportunity to explore a variety of interests to match your passion and skills with a major. We have the resources to help you do just that; they keep you on track and keep you motivated while satisfying your curiosity. Even though you may start as a first-year student unsure of what direction you may want to go, you will still be working toward your degree requirements while exploring your options.

    The program gives you flexibility to change direction if necessary. Entering college in the Exploratory Program doesn't mean you'll be here longer; it just means your path to graduation may be a little different, but just as fulfilling!

    learn more about the exploratory program

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  • Francine G. McNairy Library and Learning Forum

    Need help finding articles, getting your citations right and want to brainstorm keywords and help with research questions?

    A professional librarian for every student in any academic program; ready to help, guide and do everything possible to ensure your success when exploring topics, conducting research, evaluating results, and citing resources.  Visit the library in person or online and connect with the faculty, staff, and resources that can help you succeed!

    Library collections include electronic journals and books, databases, streaming video, physical books, DVDs, and curriculum kits. The Archives and Special Collections is a repository for unique historical documents and records focused on the university and the local region.  The library also has facilities devoted to research and learning including the Digital Learning Studio where students can receive assistance with digital content creation, 3D printing, and poster printing, and the Writing Center where students can receive advice on writing assignments. Flexible group and individual study spaces can be reserved through the library website.

    Visit the McNairy Library

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  • Integrated Studies

    Discover possibility. Discover opportunity. Discover me.

    We are an inclusive post-secondary education initiative for young adults with intellectual disabilities.  Our campus community of administration, faculty, staff, and coaches supports each student as they develop a person-centered plan to guide their journey at Millersville University. It is A non-degree certificate program where students audit classes aligned to the learning outcomes in their plan.  Students enrolled in Integrated Studies become fully immersed in the Millersville campus by engaging in academics, career exploration, and building relationships. The curriculum immerses each student in undergraduate courses, internships, student employment, student housing and a vibrant campus life of organizations and events. We strive to create inclusive communities where students feel connected, challenged, and supported while participating in a high quality inclusive post-secondary college experience.

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  • Multi-Disciplinary Studies (MDST)

    Innovative. Flexible. Multidisciplinary.

    Multidisciplinary Studies (MDST) is a flexible program of study that builds on the University’s existing strengths in the liberal arts and sciences.

    With careful advisement, students are provided an opportunity to tailor studies to better meet their academic strengths and career goals. You will find the necessary forms (, news bulletins and contact information to get started on this website.

    Students in need of a signature, should submit the appropriate form using the electronic student forms, found here:  


    The Multidisciplinary Studies major provides two-degree pathways for students. Each degree option provides opportunities for interdisciplinary learning, practical experience, and industry readiness.

    Students (and faculty advisors) should consult with the appropriate MDST Faculty Advisor PRIOR to switching majors, registering for classes, and/or drafting new MDST proposals.

    Learn about MDST

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  • Office of Learning Services

    Do you have a unique learning style and are looking for a tutor?

    The Office of Learning Services (OLS) promotes and encourages the unique learning styles of all Millersville University students through advocacy, assistive technology, collaboration, and direct services with the University community. Through excellence in service delivery, the Office of Learning Services fosters a climate that ensures student access and equity at Millersville University.

    Reach out to the office of Learning Services

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  • Starfish

    Student Success is a Team Effort!

    Starfish ( is Millersville University’s student success platform. It promotes communication between students, course instructors, faculty advisors, and staff in support of student academic achievement.

    Featured tools include: (1) academic progress surveys which provide timely updates on individual student course progress each semester, (2) attendance surveys to flag any students who have not or have stopped attending class, (3) early alerts which let students and academic advisors know when a student is staying on track or may need additional academic supports, (4) student-generated “request help questions” to get learners proactively connected to needed resources and information, and (5) appointment and calendar features for students to schedule meetings.


    William Benton, Assist Director of Student Success Initiatives, and Starfish Coordinator. 

    Learn about Starfish

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  • Success Coaching

    Success coaching is a service available to ALL students. We believe every student can benefit from having individualized attention to support academic goals. Success coaching can be defined as a personalized, one-on-one partnership of helping students improve their life skills and academic performance. Working with a success coach can help students overcome the different barriers to their success.


    Rita Miller, Success Coach

    Danielle Rapp, Success Coach

    Sign Up for Success Coaching

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  • University Honors College

    Are you a talented and motivated student looking for a challenging and enriching education?

    Regulations governing admission, retention, and graduation in the University Honors College are found in the Special Academic Opportunities section.


    To graduate in the University Honors College, students must demonstrate competence in English composition and either statistics or calculus. They are required to take SSCI 203H H: Explorations in Hist of Ideas and ENGL 241H H: Explorations in World Lit, an honors laboratory science course, an honors perspectives course, at least nine hours of honors electives, and honors research (SUBJ 489) and honors thesis (SUBJ 499). To remain in good standing in the Honors College, students must maintain a minimum GPA of at least 3.20 and 3.35 in honors coursework. University Honors College students who achieve a final overall GPA of 3.8 or higher will graduate from the University Honors College “With Distinction.” To receive the University Honors baccalaureate, students must: 1. Earn a cumulative GPA of at least 3.20 and 3.35 in honors coursework. 2. Earn a minimum of 25 honors credits and fulfill the Honors College curricular requirements. Honors credit is awarded only for those honors courses in which a B- or higher is earned. 3. Students must complete and successfully defend an honors thesis. 4. With proper approval, an honors College student may enroll in up to two courses (maximum of six or eight credits, depending on the major) in their department major and earn honors credit. Only courses at the 200 level or above will be considered appropriate. Students must have already earned a minimum of 12 credit hours with an honors designation. 


    Wolfgang, Charlton; Honors College Director, Associate Professor College of Education and Human Services B.S., Messiah College, 1993; M.S.Ed., Lebanon Valley College, 2002; Ph.D., Drexel University, 2013.

    Learn more about The Honors College

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  • The Writing Center

    The Writing Center at Millersville University helps students with all aspects of their writing, from idea development and organization to proofreading strategies. Students who want to improve their writing skills, techniques and styles can make appointments to consult on an assignment or to discuss general concerns. All levels of writing help are available, and students from all disciplines and classes are welcome. The Writing Center tutors are here to help with papers, projects, and any writing-related needs. The Writing Center offers in-person, synchronous Zoom sessions, and online tutoring. If you can't make an in-person appointment, you can send a paper for an online session. For an online session, please e-mail the Writing Center at, attach a copy of your work and a copy of the assignment for which the work was completed, and a tutor will review your work and send it back to you with guided feedback and comments within 48 hours. The Writing Center is located on the first floor, Room 106, McNairy Library.

    learn more about the writing center

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