University College

The University College is made up of affiliated offices whose missions, visions, and goals are to champion achievement, foster opportunities for personal, professional, and academic growth, and promote work/life balance for sustained success as a life-long learner. Offices in the University College provide services, resources, and experiences to support the student’s pathway to success. 

The University College is Comprised of the Following Offices:

  • Academic Advisement and Student Development

    Thinking of changing your major or are undecided?

    Millersville University's academic advisors are committed to helping you assess your interests and academic abilities using the latest technologies available. We will help you find a program that interests you and guide you along the most efficient path to the completion of that degree. 

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  • The Center for Public Scholarship and Social Change

    Interested in social change?

    Work with faculty, fellow students and community to engage collaboratively in research for public purposes. The Center for Public Scholarship and Social Change (CPSSC) lends assistance and expertise in identifying research issues, developing research designs, collecting data, writing up results, disseminating results, and working with policymakers and practitioners to resolve issues affecting local, regional, and global communities.

    Check out The Center for Public Scholarship and Social Change

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  • Experiential Learning and Career Management (ELCM)

    Looking for an internship, want to find a mentor or are looking for a way to volunteer?

    ELCM provides student-centered career programs, experiences and learning opportunities to assist you in achieving your personal and professional goals. 

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  • Francine G. McNairy Library and Learning Forum

    Need help finding articles, getting your citations right and want to brainstorm keywords and help with research questions?

    Our librarians and staff are here to help. As a Millersville student, you have 24/7 remote access to Millersville’s library resources. 

    Visit the McNairy Library

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  • University Honors College

    Are you a talented and motivated student looking for a challenging and enriching education?

    The Honors College provides academic guidance and opportunities, which will prepare you to prosper in graduate/professional schools or in the professional world.

    Learn more about The Honors College

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  • Integrated Studies

    Discover possibility. Discover opportunity. Discover me.

    We are a 2 or 4 year inclusive post-secondary initiative for young adults with an intellectual disability. Our campus community of faculty, staff, coaches, and mentors supports each student as they develop a person-centered plan to guide their journey at Millersville University.

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  • Office of Learning Services

    Do you have a unique learning style and are looking for a tutor?

    The Office of Learning Services (OLS) promotes and encourages the unique learning styles of all Millersville University students through advocacy, assistive technology, collaboration, and direct services with the University community. Through excellence in service delivery, the Office of Learning Services fosters a climate that ensures student access and equity at Millersville University.

    Reach out to the office of Learning Services

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  • Multi-Disciplinary Studies (MDST)

    Innovative. Flexible. Multidisciplinary.

    MDST is an innovative and flexible program of study that builds on the University’s existing strengths in the liberal arts and sciences. With careful faculty advisement, you can tailor studies to better meet your academic strengths and career goals.

    Learn about MDST

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  • Starfish

    Student Success is a Team Effort!

    Starfish is Millersville University’s student success platform.  It promotes communication between students, course instructors, faculty advisors, and staff in support of student academic achievement.  

    Learn about Starfish

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  • Success Coaching

    Success coaching is a service available to ALL students. We believe every student can benefit from having individualized attention to support academic goals. Success coaching can be defined as a personalized, one-on-one partnership of helping students improve their life skills and academic performance. Working with a success coach can help students overcome the different barriers to their success.

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  • The Center for Civic Responsibility and Leadership

    Are you looking to become an active leader in civic affairs?

    At The Center for Civic Responsibility and Leadership (CCRL), you will be part of developmental projects and activities to help you become an active leader in civic affairs. You will get a chance to educate fellow students on the importance of voting, participate in a government internship, and much more!

    Visit the Center for civic responsibility and leadership

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