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The goal of the Millersville Animal Museum Database is to provide a catalog of all vertebrate (i.e., bird, mammal, reptile and amphibian) specimens found within the Millersville Animal Museum collection.  This webpage allows anyone to search and review all the vertebrate species found within the Millersville Animal Museum.  I want to acknowledge the following undergraduate students for making this webpage possible: Gabrielle Berry, Austin Harrison and especially Rochelle Jones and Kyle Thomas for developing the code for this webpage.  I also want to thank William Gausmann from the Millersville IT department for making this site live.  The database is still a work in progress, thus some miss-spellings are found.  We are currently working on this.  Please click on the link below to search through the Millersville Animal Museum Database.  Instructions are on the webpage.

Online MiLlersville Animal Museum Database


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