Prof. Elaine Chrissos

Director, Respiratory Therapy Program.

Prof. Elaine Chrissos

Contact Information

Office: Brossman 116
Phone: 717-871-4329


B.S. Ed., Millersville University

Courses Taught:

RESP 411 Respiratory Care Techniques I
RESP 412 Principles of Aerosol & Gas Therapy
RESP 413 Pulmonary Assessment and Therapeutics
RESP 414 Respiratory Care Techniques II
RESP 417 Respiratory Care Techniques III
RESP 419 Respiratory Care in Alternate Sites
RESP 424 Non-Infectious Diseases
RESP 430 Clinical Practice I
RESP 431 Clinical Practice II
RESP 495 Respiratory Care Research

Areas of Specialization:

All aspects of respiratory medicine, asthma management, pulmonary mechanics, physiology, and pathophysiology.