Dr. Julie W. Ambler

Professor, Ecosystem Ecology and Marine Ecology

Dr. Julie W. Ambler

Contact Information



B.S and M.S University of Washington
Ph.D., Texas A & M University

Courses Taught:

UNIV 103 – Biodiversity and the Sixth Great Extinction

BIOL 241 – Principles of Ecology
BIOL 343 – Principles of Ecology and Evolution (starting Spring 2011)

BIOL 447 – Chesapeake Bay System

BIOL 446 – Ecosystems
BIOL 472 – Marine Ecology Seminar

BIOL Biological Oceanography (Marine Science Consortium, Wallops Is. VA)

Areas of Specialization:

Ecosystem Ecology and Marine Ecology.

Research Interest(s):

I studied the effects of biological and physical processes on food webs in aquatic ecosystems. My students and I studied seasonal processes (stratification, upwelling, and phytoplankton blooms) that affect the distribution and abundance of zooplankton such as cladocerans, tunicates (lower chordates) and copepods in coastal waters off Virginia.

Selected Publication(s):

2008. Microscopic Plants and Animals of the Oceans: Introduction to Marine Plankton. Rising Tides: A NASA/NOAA Oceanography Education Journal, vol. 2, pp. 3 - 11.  http://phytoplankton.gsfc.nasa.gov/risingtides  (with N.M. Butler).

2003. Diel distribution of copepods across a channel in an overwash mangrove island. Hydrobiologia 499:147-159. (with F.D. Ferrari, J.A. Fornshell and L. Ong).

2002. Zooplankton swarms: characteristics, proximal cue and proposed advantages. Hydrobiologia 480:155-164. In: Lee, C., Strom, S., and Yen, J., eds., Progress in zooplankton behavior: ecology, systematics and behavior. Special Volume in honor of the 60th Birthday of Dr. Bruce W. Frost, University of Washington, Seattle.

2001. A demonstration of nitrogen dynamics in oxic and hypoxic soils and sediments. American Biology Teacher 63:2-8. (with K. Pelovitz, T. Ladd, G. Steucek).