Dr. Jean Boal

Professor, Animal Behavior and Marine Biology.

Dr. Jean Boal

Contact Information


profile picEducation:

B.S., Stanford University
Ph.D., University of North Carolina

Courses Taught:

BIOL 100 – General Biology
BIOL 281 – Behavioral Biology
BIOL 291 – Marine Biology
BIOL 390 – The Natural History of the Mid-Atlantic Shore
BIOL 471 – Topics in Biology
BIOL 472 – Seminar in Biology
BIOL 485/685 – Animal Behavior

Areas of Specialization:

Animal Behavior and Marine Biology.

Research Interest(s):

I am interested in the evolution of cognitive behavior from a functional perspective. I am particularly interested in the relationship between an animal's learning abilities and its ecology and life history. My research focused primarily on cephalopods (octopuses, cuttlefish, and squids) because they have
large, complex brains compared to other invertebrates but we do not yet know why. Students participated actively in research with me at Millersville University and at marine laboratories in Massachusetts and France. 

Selected Publication(s): (*student)

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