Dr. Susan M. DiBartolomeis

Associate Professor, Molecular, developmental, and cell Biology.


B.A., Wellesley College
Ph.D., Brown University

Courses Taught:

BIOL 100 – General Biology
BIOL 462 – Molecular Biology
BIOL 466 – Molecular and Cellular Techniques
BIOL 264 / 265 -- Frontiers in BioMolecular Science
BIOL 472 – Senior Seminar in Molecular Biology
Cell Biology Labs
Genetics Laboratories

Areas of Specialization:

Molecular, Developmental and Cell Biology.

Research Interest(s):

Using molecular-based methods such as Southern/Northern hybridizations, polymerase chain reaction (PCR), RFLP analysis, DNA sequencing, and recombinant DNA technology, I studied genes whose DNA is amplified during the larval development of a fungal gnat called Sciara coprophila. This was used as a model system to learn more about the regulation of eukaryotic DNA replication – a topic critical to our understanding of cancer. I also collaborated with Dr. Moné on a project to study the population dynamics and relatedness of viruses that infect and kill fresh water algae. Other projects of interest were the development of laboratory exercises for General Biology and Molecular and Cellular Techniques. The research required attention to detail and precision.

Selected Publication(s):

DiBartolomeis, S.M. and Moné, J.P. (2003). Apoptosis: A four-week laboratory investigation for advanced molecular and cellular biology students. Cell Bio. Educ. 2: 275-295.

2002. Molecular analysis of the Drosophila miniature-dusky (m-dy) gene complex: m-dy mRNAs encode transmembrane proteins with similarity to C. elegans cuticulin. Mol. Genet. Genomics 267: 564-576. (with B. Akten, G. Genova, M.A. Roberts, and , F.R Jackson).

2001. Maintenance of the DNA puff expanded state is independent of active replication and transcription. Chromosoma. 110: 186-196. E.H. Mok, H.S. Smith, S.M. DiBartolomeis, A.W. Kerrebrock, L.J. Rothschild, T.S. Lange, and S.A. Gerbi.

1993. Developmental progression of DNA puffs in Sciara coprophila: Amplification and Transcription Developmental Biology 160: 73-84. (with N. Wu, C. Liang, H. Smith and S. Gerbi)

1993. DNA amplification in DNA puff II/9A of Sciara coprophila. Cold Spring Harbor Sym. Quant. Biol., 5:487-494 (with S. Gerbi, C. Liang, N. Wu, B. Bienz-Tadmor, H. Smith and F. Urnov)

1992. A superfamily of Drosophila satellite related (SR) DNA repeats restricted to the X chromosome euchromatin. Nuc. Acids Res. 20: 1113-1116. (with K. Tartof and F. Jackson).

1991. Mutational analysis of the Drosophila miniature dusky (m-dy) locus: Effects on cell size and circadian rhythms. Genetics 128: 571-582. (with L. M. Newby, et.al..)

1989. Molecular characterization of DNA puff II/9A genes in Sciara coprophila. J. Molec. Biol. 210: 531-540. (with S.A. Gerbi).