Dr. Timothy I. Ladd

Associate Professor, Microbiology, microbial ecology, immunology.

Dr. Timothy I. Ladd

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B.S., M.S., University of Akron
Ph.D., University of Calgary

Courses Taught:

BIOL 100 – General Biology
BIOL 161 – Microbiology
BIOL 454 – Immunology

Areas of Specialization:

Microbiology, Microbial Ecology, Immunology

Research Interest(s):

I studied the growth and development of bacterial biofilms on a variety of man-made surfaces. In particular, I was interested in examining the physiological response of attached microbial populations to antibiotic and / or biocidal challenges. In addition, I was interested in examining the effects of acid rain (acidification) and oil perturbation on the heterotrophic activity of bacterial populations in lakes and streams and the use of fluorogenic substrates for rapidly detecting specific groups of bacteria on surfaces. Furthermore, I was interested in bacteriological examinations of food products and water using the BIOLOG computer identification system to assist in the identification of environmental and food borne bacteria.

Selected Publication(s):

1990. Methods for studying biofilm bacteria. Methods in Microbiology 22: 285-307. (with J.W. Costerton)

1987. Bacterial biofilms in nature and disease. Ann. Rev. Micro. 41: 435-506. (with J.W. Costerton, K.J. Cheng, G.G. Geesey, J.C. Nickel, & T. Marrie)

1987. The use of a radiorespiratometric assay for testing the antibiotic sensitivity of catheter-associated bacteria. J. Urology 138: 1451-1456. (with D. Schmeil, J.C. Nickel, & J.W. Costerton)

1986. Suitable methods for the comparative study of free-living and surface-associated bacterial populations. In: Leadbetter, E.R. and J.S. Poindexter (eds.), Bacteria in Nature: Methods and Special Applications in Bacterial Ecology. Plenum Publ., New York, pp. 49-84. (with J.W. Costerton & J.C. Nickel)