Alumni Spotlight

Alumni Spotlight

As Business Administration alumni, you are invited to send us news about your professional success and career advancements. In particular, please make sure to include: Full name, year graduated, your area of concentration(s), full name of company, city/state, and the title/position held.

Congratulations to following alumni for their career success:

Elizabeth Lawrence, class of 2016 (Management), accepted a position as Culinary Services Supervisor, Willow Valley Communities, Willow Street, PA.

Brian W. Levin, class of 2016 (Management), recently accepted a position as Male Head Counselor, Joy El Camps & Retreats, Greencastle, PA.

Jay K. Dixit, class of 2014 (Management), Business Development Specialist, Cisco Systems, Canada.

Lindsey N. Waltemyer, class of 2014 (Accounting & Management) accepted a position at McKonly & Asbury, CPA firm.

Stacy L. Karli-Owens, class of 2014 (Accounting, Minor in Psychology), accepted a position at Trout, Ebersole, & Groff, CPA firm.

Amanda Lehman, class of 2014 (Accounting), Trout, Ebersole, & Groff, LLP, PA.

Emily Omiatek, class of 2014 (Accounting), accepted a position at Reinsel Kuntz Lesher, CPA firm.

Maria N. Barcoski, class of 2014 (English Major, Minors in Accounting and Finance) - The Vanguard Group.

Robert S. Crumpler, class of 2014 (Accounting) – EKSH, Auditing and Tax Consulting firm.

Chase Hafer, class of 2013 (Management), Digital Marketing Associate, CARR WORKPLACES, Washington, D.C.  

William Krayer, class of 2013 (International Business & Management), Sales Operations Administrator, KBA North America, PA.

Shane P. McGrady, class of 2013 (International Business & Management), Financial Analyst, Dell, Inc., Dallas, TX.

Katie Cunningham , class of 2012 (Management), Clark Associates, Inc., Lancaster, PA.

Amy Rollman, class of 2012 (Management), Clark Associates, Inc., Lancaster, PA.

Katie Errigo, class of 2011 (Management), Founder & Managing Director, The Complete Canine Center, LLC., Lancaster, PA.

Rachael Weaver, class of 2006, Director of Procurement, Clark Associates, Inc., Lancaster, PA.

Blaze L. Cambruzzi, B.S., class of 2002 (Finance & Management), M.B.A., class of ‘06, M.Sc. (Finance & Real Estate, The American University, Washington, D.C., 2010),  Chief Operating Officer, ROCK Commercial Real Estate, PA.

Heather M. Moyer, Esq., class of 2002 (Management), J.D. (Dickinson School of Law, 2010).

Stephen R. Beachy, C.P.A., class of 1994  (Accounting - magna cum laude), Partner at Trout, Ebersole & Groff, LLP, PA.

Wayne Badorf, CFP, CFS, class of ’90 (Management), Executive Vice President and Head of Intermediary Sales, Wells Fargo Asset Management, Wells Fargo & Company, San Francisco, CA.

Brian Gladden, class of ’87, Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Dell, Inc. (2008-2014).