Commencement Speaker And Honorary Degree Recipients

Nominate Speakers and Honorary Degree Recipients

The Commencement Speaker and Honorary Degree sub-committee invites nominations for Commencement Speakers and Honorary Degree Recipients:

The Commencement Speaker and Honorary Degree Sub-Committee shall generate a
pool of potential commencement speakers (preferably MU Alumni) and Honorary Degree
recipients for consideration by the University President. 

Honorary Degree recipients will be individuals whose achievements reflect the values and mission of the University. Recipients must have made outstanding contributions to the welfare and well-being of the community at large. Such degrees are granted to recognize individual creativity, distinguished service, significant scholarships, professions, public service, or in service to humankind.

Commencement speakers, chosen from a pool of degreed professionals, will be based on similar criteria. As the commencement ceremony is a celebration of the accomplishments of our graduating class, nominees should be skilled at public speaking and have the ability to give a positive, meaningful, and inspirational address to the graduating class and their families. Preference will be offered to MU alumni.


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Committee Membership

The Commencement Speaker and Honorary Degree Sub-Committee shall consist of twelve members:

  1. Vice President for University Advancement, Chair
  2. Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs or Designee
  3. Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer or Designee
  4. President's Designee
  5. University Communications Representative
  6. One Faculty representative from each of the four academic colleges selected by APSCUF and one Faculty representative from the Graduate School selected by the GCPRC.
  7. Two Representatives from the Council of Trustees 
  8. Student Trustee

The term of each committee member shall be for two years for selected representatives.

Commencement Policy (PDF)


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