Commencement FAQs

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  • When will I get my degree?

    Your degree is the credential of your program of study: BSE-Bachelor of Science in Education; BS-Bachelor of Arts; BDES- Bachelor of Design; BSN-Bachelor of Science in Nursing, etc. Your degree is conferred when all requirements have been met, and this is tracked on your degree audit. When all requirements have green checkmarks and your degree audit states that 100% of requirements have been met the Office of the Registrar will confer your degree. Due to changes in deadlines impacted by COVID-19 this may be slightly later than usual. For example, you should see your degree awarded the first week of June if you finished at the end of spring semester. Summer degrees should be conferred approximately two weeks after the end of each summer term. You will see your degree listed in MAX and on a transcript.

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  • When will I get my diploma?

    A diploma is the ceremonial document showing your earned credential, so when all your requirements are met and your degree is conferred a diploma will be prepared and mailed to you.


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  • What about the commencement ceremony?

    Unfortunately, the May 2020 and the December 2020 Commencement ceremonies have been postponed due to the ever-changing circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic and in adherence of the guidelines issued by the Center for Disease Control (CDC), the Pennsylvania Governor's Office and the Pennsylvania Department of Health.

    When there are significant improvements to the pandemic situation and larger gatherings are deemed safe, consideration will be given to holding in-person ceremonies to celebrate the Class of 2020. Please be sure to keep your preferred email address up to date so that all spring, summer and winter graduates can be provided with at least a 45-day notice.

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  • Do I have to come to a Commencement ceremony to get my degree or diploma?

    No. Neither degree conferral nor diploma delivery require attendance at a commencement ceremony.

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  • I chose to receive a pass/fail grade for one of my requirements (major, minor, required related, general education, etc.) and it is not falling into that requirement on my degree audit. Does that mean that I won’t graduate?

    No. For spring semester 2020 pass/fail grades have been approved to meet your degree requirements. However, if that requirement has a minimum grade threshold (ex: must earn a minimum of C-) the Registrar’s office must put the course into the requirement manually. Reviewing degree requirements for this situation is our top priority for our graduates so that we can confer degrees, but delays may occur if many seniors choose the pass/fail option.

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  • I listed one address on my graduation application, but now I’m at a different address. How will my diploma get to me?

    Please email the registrar’s office if your post-graduation address has changed. We cannot guarantee that the United States Post Office will forward your diploma and they often get returned to the University. Even if you do not remember the address you listed on your graduation application please email with a current address if you think there could be any issues with receiving your diploma.

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  • How can I verify that I have earned my degree without a diploma?

    The official record of your academic record is your transcript, where all degrees, concentrations and honors are listed. You can order official transcripts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week online on the Millersville University website:

    If a potential employer would like to verify your degree, our resource is the National Student Clearinghouse:

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  • Can I order my cap and gown?
    Yes. Commencement regalia can be ordered through the MU Bookstore and will be shipped to you.
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  • Am I able to come to campus to take photos in my cap and gown?

    Yes, students are allowed to come to campus to take outside photos. Groups should be no larger than five to six people. If you see another group taking photos when you arrive, please wait in your car until they finish taking photos. Please bring masks with you. If you come in contact with another unrelated group, please wear your mask and maintain a social distance of six feet.

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