Dr. Nanette Dietrich


Dr. Nanette Dietrich

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Office: Stayer 423
Phone: (717) 871-7325

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M: 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM
T: 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM
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2005 Ph.D. University of Delaware

2001 M.Ed. University of Delaware

1995 B.S. Purdue University

Curriculum Vitae

Federal Grants- Awarded

Building Sustainable and Equitable Capacity Support Systems towards                                    2022-2024

Environmental Literacy for All K-12 Audiences across Pennsylvania  

Co-Primary Investigator (co-PI)

NOAA Fisheries Habitat Conservation Program Office (HCPO)

Total Project: $200,000

Award#: NA22NMF4570318

Supporting Students’ Success: Improving Retention in STEM Fields by Implementing             2022-2027

A Workforce Development Research Methods Program

Co-Primary Investigator (co-PI)

NSF- S-STEM Schlr Sci Tech Eng & Math

Total Project: $1,499,560

Award #: DUE 2130176   

Building Capacity to Improve Pathways for Students Pursuing Careers in                                 2022-2023

Secondary STEM Education

Co-Primary Investigator (co-PI)

NSF- Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program

Total Project: $74,965

Award #:FAIN 2150954

Expanding Environmental Literacy and MWEE Implementation                                                  2020-2022

Capacity Across Pennsylvania

Co-Primary Investigator (co-PI)

NOAA Fisheries Habitat Conservation Program Office (HCPO)

Total Project: $170,000

Award #: NA20NMF4570238

Shared Waters: An Upstream Downstream Collaborative Project                                               2021-2024

Primary Investigator (PI)

NOAA Fisheries Habitat Conservation Program Office (HCPO)

Total Project: $396,318

Award #: NA21NMF4570498

Collaborative Proposal- WATERS Watershed Awareness, Training, Education,                          2019-2023

Research and Sustainability

Primary Investigator (PI)

NSF- Innovation Technology Experiences for Students and Teachers (ITEST)

Total Project: $2,000,000

Award#: DRL-1850060

Pennsylvania Environmental Literacy and MWEE Programming Capacity Building                    2017-2020

Co-Primary Investigator (co-PI)

Chesapeake Bay Total Project: $298,877                                           

Precipitating Change: Embedding Computational Thinking Into the Middle School                   2016-2019

Science Classrooms

Co-Primary Investigator (co-PI)

STEM + Computing Partnerships (STEM + C)

Total Project: $2,500,000

Award#: DRL-1640088

Skilled Women Get STEM Jobs: Recruiting and Engaging Female Students                                2015-2020

Co-Primary Investigator (co-PI)

NSF- Advanced Technological Education (ATE)

Total Project: $200,00                                               

Integrative Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM) Education for Teachers             2015-2020

of Young Students (iSTEM4ToYS)

Co-Primary Investigator (co-PI)

NSF- Improving Undergraduate STEM Education (IUSE)

Total Project: $300,00

Collaborative Proposal-Teaching Environmental Sustainability with Model My Watershed       2014-2018

Primary Investigator (PI)

NSF- Discovery Research in K-12(DRK-12)

Total Project: $2,900,000

Award#- DRL-1417527

Subcontractor: Strategies: Water SCIENCE: Supporting Collaborative Inquiry, Engineering,   2014-2017

And Career Exploration with Water

Senior Personnel

NSF- Innovative Technology Experiences for Students and Teachers (ITEST)

Total Project: $1,200,000

Award#- DRL-1433761

“Introducing the Principles and Processes of Earth’s Critical Zone to Teachers, Informal        2010-2012

Educators, and Academically At-risk Youth

External Evaluator

NSF- Geosciences (GEO)

Total Project: $1,100,000

Award#- GEO-1034961

Evaluator Stipend- $15,000

Collaborative Proposal- Model My Watershed: Developing a Cyberlearning Application           2009-2012

And Curricula

Primary Investigator (PI)

NSF- Innovative Technology Experiences for Students and Teachers (ITEST)

Total Project: $1,100,000

Award#- DRL-0929639

Pennsylvania State System Of High Education (PASSHE) Grant- Awarded

“Wallops Island Science Training Program for Emergency Certified Teachers”                         2010-2015

Co-Primary Investigator (co-PI)

PASSHE funded project: $134,951


Gerhard Salinger Award 2019

(Team Award: Drs’ Brusic, Marcum-Dietrich, Shettel, Petula, White, & Wolfgang)

Award is presented annually to an individual or team of collaborators whose work has exemplified, promoted, investigated, and/or enhanced teaching and learning in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) through the effective application of technological/ engineering design activity.                                 

Millersville University of Pennsylvania, Distinguished Civic Leadership Award                                   2018

Publicly recognizes notable leaders, and civic/community contributions on the part of individuals and entities that have had a positive impact locally, regionally, nationally, or internationally.

NAPDS Award for Exemplary Professional Development School Achievement                                     2014

Recognizes Professional Development School relationships for their ongoing contribution to the mission and vision of the National Association of Professional Development Schools in creating and sustaining genuine collaborative partnerships between P-12 and higher education that shapes educator leadership and practice. 

University of Delaware, Robert W. Stegner Award                                                                                2002

Presented to a senior or graduate student who has demonstrated the outstanding qualities which characterized the late Dr. Stegner: dedication to the teaching profession, a comprehension of the breadth and depth of science, and excellence in teaching.

Widener University, Outstanding Cooperating Teacher Award                                                             2002

Presented to a teacher in recognition of his/her exceptional work as a mentor to a Widener University student teacher.